Victorian​ ​Style  Jewelry​ ​Box  Featuring​ ​Flex  Frost​ ​Ribbon  Flowers 

Victorian​ ​Style   Jewelry​ ​Box  Featuring​ ​Flex  Frost​ ​Ribbon  Flowers      By : Jo Wieneke The Little Cake Patch Redding, Connecticut, USA Materials ● Flex Frost (Gold and Pearl) by Icing Images ● 2 Lb Gumpaste ● ruler ● Rolling pin and silicone mat ● Exacto knife or clay knife ● Paint brushes ● […]


Decogel Rose Topper Tutorial

Decogel Rose Topper Tutorial by our Guest Artist Blogger Sherri Crohan of SherDelights by Sherri Crohan    SherDelights by Sherri Crohan                 Supplies Needed:  Decogel clear, floral wire (20 gauge-Wilton shown), gumpaste (SatinIce shown), purple gel color (ChefMaster violet shown), small styrofoam buds, rose petal cutters, disco dust (Sunflower plum shown), clear glaze spray (PME […]


New economy grade icing sheet!

Icing Images introduces a new economy grade icing sheet. This sheet is less expensive but does not have the bells and whistles that Icing Images Premium Icing Sheets have. In trying to reduce costs for our customers, we felt introducing a new type of icing sheet for those customers who do not need all the […]


“Wafer Paper Piñata TV Appearance”

Sweet Couture by Daly LLC Join us with Daly Linares (Dahlia) owner Sweet Couture by Daly LLC on how she was able to appear on Telemundo with her “Wafer Paper Piñata.” *Bio (Introduction) Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started? How long you have been in business? I remember when I was a little […]


Wafer Paper Flamingo Cake Topper

Guest Contributor Sara Weber of Sara’s Sweets Austin teaches us how to craft a one of a kind topper perfect for the summer using our Premium Wafer Paper Sheets!  Flamingos are one of my favorite birds and they remind me of summer and beautiful Florida beaches. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make […]

Printer Premium Wafer Paper Collections

Icing Images is so excited to introduce Printed Premium Wafer Paper Collections!  Icing Images customers requested collections of wafer paper that they could keep in their shop and use for upcoming projects.  So we created our Premium Wafer Collection.  The response has been overwhelming and these collections are flying off the shelves.  We would love […]