Flame Sugar Sculpture

Direct from the Simi Cakes booth at the Florida ICES Mini Classes event at the Sheraton Orlando North, we bring you a demonstration by Sidney Galpern as she adds a flame to her sugar sculpture using an iDesigns™ print from Icing Images®.

Sidney Galpern, Peggy Tucker & Dawn Parrott



You will need:

  • Blow Torch
  • iDesign pattern printed on a Premium Icing Sheet
  • Simi Isomalt
  • Silicone Bowl
  • Microwave
  • Silicone Mat
  • Scissors
  • Simi Flex Forms





IMG_2002First lay the iDesigns pattern on a silicone mat.

Arrange the Flex Forms in an abstract shape that will fit into the sculpture.





IMG_2005If the forms don’t want to stay exactly where you want, you can prop something on top to hold it in place.

Microwave the Isomalt for 30 seconds and swirl it in the bowl to distribute the heat and help eliminate air bubbles. Wait for the bubbles to pop first so you don’t transfer them to your sugar piece.

Pour the Isomalt it straight on to the icing sheet. Be very careful because the Isomalt is about 300 degrees. Pour a thin layer – just enough to cover the bottom. The Isomalt is going to make the design really pop – it makes them look pretty and glassy.








Allow the sugar to cool for about 20 – 25 minutes.

IMG_2014When cool, remove the Flex Forms.






IMG_2015Use scissors to trim away the excess icing sheet from the sugar. Just cut right along the edge.






IMG_2019Turn the sugar flame over and peel away the icing sheet backing.














IMG_2021Pour a little trench on to the mat.







IMG_2022Dip the bottom part of your sugar flame into the trench and attach it to the sculpture.






IMG_2024Hold it in place for a few minutes.










IMG_2025Use the blow torch to attach this new flame to the back of previously made flames that come in front of it for extra support.









Flame Sugar Sculpture

And here is the sculpture with this new flame added.

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