Golden Poppy Cake

vanessaChef Vanessa Greeley created this gorgeous cake using one of Icing Images®’ iDesigns™.

Vanessa is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York. She has been featured in many magazines, won numerous competitions and appeared on WeTV’s Wedding Cake Wars. Currently, Vanessa is the New Jersey ICES President.

Here she shares how she made this masterpiece by incorporating a poppy print iDesign with molded fondant pieces.

“This cake was inspired by one of the fabulous iDesigns prints that Icing Images generously donated to those who attended our Day of Sharing at the International Culinary Center in NY.  The beautiful colors and shapes of those flowers inspired this Asian Flair design.

After covering the cakes with fondant, I cut long strips of the iDesign edible icing image enough to cover all 4 sides of the bottom cake and glued them with a bit of water.  You can use a clean ruler to straighten out the strip where necessary by gently holding the ruler against your cake underneath the  image and by pushing it down towards the ruler.

I also cut an oval shape and glued it with a bit of water on the center of the top tier cake.

For the sugar decorations, I had fun making my own custom fondant shapes and designs using several different molds that I either purchased or made myself.  I laid out all the unmolded fondant pieces to decide which parts I was going to use for this composition.

For the top of the cake, I cut 2 circles with a cookie cutter and pressed the top circle with a shell tool. I cut a “fan” like piece of the image and adorned it with a black piece of fondant which I marked with a tooth pick to resemble a fan as well.

I painted the sugar decorations with gold highlighter from NY mixed with lemon extract. The black decorations were painted with black Vanessa Greeleygel color.  I also added a bit of gold color on top of the black pieces to bring the whole design together.

IDesigns makes it easier for cake decorators to have their confectionery creations look so elegant and unique.  And this might be also the answer for those who are not professionally trained in painting.  You can simply print your favorite design or piece of art, apply it to your cake and compliment it with sugar decorations made with some of your favorite molds. One of the main benefits of iDesigns is that it will put the cut line in for you and print strips that will match up with no seams.”

You can see more of Vanessa’s masterpieces at Vanessa’s Cake Designs.




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