DecoGel Logo Toppers and Cake Logos

Here’s another creative project in DECOgel™ by Chef Mitchie from Mitchies Munchies.

DECOgel adds the perfect touch, giving our toppers a more candy like appearance.  Our clients are delighted once they experience the gummy like texture!
decogel logo

Ingredients and Materials:


  • DECOgel – Clear
  • Edible logo(s)
  • Small heatproof container
  • Angled Spatula
  • plastic backing from an icing sheet
  • Silpat or non-stick work-space

making a decogel logo

1. Place your edible logo atop a piece of plastic backing from an icing sheet.

2, Melt some clear DECOgel in 10 second increments until smooth.  (The amount of DECOgel you melt depends on the number of logos you are covering; we made 9 logos and used approx. .5 oz.).

3. Slowly pour a small amount over the center of your logo and use your angled spatula to spread it evenly to the top and then the bottom.  Move rather quickly to avoid the DECOgel setting up and getting air bubbles.

4.  Scrape off the excess DECOgel on the angled spatula using the sides of your heatproof container, then use the spatula to gently lift your logo off the clear plastic and move onto your silpat.

Note: Don’t pitch the clear plastic!  Allow the DECOgel to set up, then peel it off and store for another use.

5. Once your DECOgel topper has set up you can use your angled spatula to place atop cupcakes.

decogel cupcake topper

Or melt some more DECOgel and use it as a glue to adhere your logo onto your cake.

decogel cake topper




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