DECOgel Roe Sushi Tutorial

Sushi is one of the most requested food replica cakes to date.  Now you can make your Roe Sushi even more realistic using DECOgel™ with this great tutorial by Chef Mitchie from Mitchies Munchies!


decogel and pearl mold

Ingredients and Materials:


  • DECOgel – Copper
  • Pearl Strand Mold
  • fondant; white or same color as your DECOgel
  • wafer paper
  • Small heatproof container
  • Scissors
  • Silpat or non-stick work-space


filling pearl molds with decogel

  1. Place your Copper DECOgel into your heatproof container and microwave in 10 second increments until smooth.
  2. Slowly pour a steady stream into your pearl strand mold.  Allow pearl strands to set-up; if you need to speed things up you can place the filled mold into your freezer for 3-5 minutes.


Note: if you over-pour your mold…no worries, you can trim that later (once set) with your scissors.


creating decogel sushi roe

  1. Take a small amount of fondant and shape into a mound.
  2. Measure a strip of wafer paper long enough to wrap around the fondant mound and stand about a 1/8th inch above the mound to make a well.  You can color your wafer paper strip with petal dusts.  We used dark green, black, and a little gold.
  3. Wrap wafer strip around mound and secure with melted DECOgel.  Pour some melted DECOgel atop the mound; this will allow the pearl strands to stay in place once set.
  4. Take any pearl strand size you’d like and cut into sections.  Lay the sections inside the well of your sushi piece until you achieve the look you like most.  OISHII!  (yummy)




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