DECOgel Mini-Eyeballs

Here’s another fun tutorial by Chef Mitchie of Mitchies Munchies just in time for Halloween.

NEVER run out of eyeballs again!  Make your own in within minutes.  With DECOgel™, you can create various sized eyeballs for your projects.


decogel eyeball toolsIngredients and Materials:

  • DECOgel – White & black
  • Small microwave-safe container (not shown)
  • non-stick modelling tools or toothpicks
  • Pearl Strand Mold
  • Silpat or non-stick work-space




creating decogel pupils

Melt a small amount of black DECOgel in your microwave-safe container for a few seconds (5-7, depending on amount).  Dip the end of your modelling tool or toothpick into melted DECOgel and either allow to drop into the well of your Pearl Strand Mold or “dot” the DECOgel in place quickly to make “pupils”.  Move rather quickly to avoid the DecoGel setting up and getting air bubbles. Set aside and melt your White DECOgel.


pouring white decogel

Slowly pour your White DECOgel atop the “pupils”. Allow DECOgel to set-up at room temp (you will know DECOgel is set once product no longer sticks to your finger tip and can pull away from mold easily). Running out of time?  Not a problem!  DECOgel is freezer safe.  Carefully move your Pearl Strand Mold into the freezer and allow to set for at least 5 mins.


mini decogel eyeballs

Once your strands of mini eyeballs are set, remove them from the mold.  Use food-safe scissors or a clean knife to separate the eyeballs.  You can use them right away, give them some color with an edible food coloring pen or paint, top your cupcakes with some “googly eyes”.  Have fun and show us what you create!


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