DECOgel Vampire Teeth

Here’s another awesome DECOgel™ tutorial from Chef Mitchie of Mitchies Munchies. You can make realistic looking vampire teeth using DECOgel.

Amazing find at a dollar store – a Vampire Teeth Ice Cube Tray! What a fun way to dress up some cupcakes or use as party favors!

Ingredients and Materials:

  • DECOgel- White & Red
    Small microwave-safe container
    Silpat or non-stick work-space
    ice cube tray mold

1. We did not prep our mold in any way except gave it a good cleanse and insured it was completely dry. Melt a small amount of white DECOgel in your microwave-safe container for a few seconds (5-7, depending on amount). Slowly pour your melted DECOgel into the cavities of the mold. Give the mold a slight tap or two to exit any air that may have settle to bottom. Set aside.

2. Using the same microwave-safe container used for the White DECOgel, place a small amount of red DECOgel and melt in the same manner as above. Give it a good stir, scraping sides and bottom to ensure both colors have incorporated. Pour atop the White DECOgel filled mold from above. Again give it a tap or two to exit those air bubbles (just in case). Allow DECOgel to set-up at room temp (you will know DECOgel is set once product no longer sticks to your finger tip and can pull away from mold easily). Running out of time? Not a problem! DECOgel is freezer safe. Carefully move your mold into the freezer and allow to set for at least 5 mins.

3. Once your mold of vampire teeth are set, remove them from the mold. Don’t worry about ruining your DECOgel project, it’s quite flexible once set, so if you have challenges try bending and pushing from the bottom of mold to release your project.

And there they are! Get creative and melt some Red DECOgel by itself for some bloody drips on the teeth. SPOOKY! #PhotoBomb
Schmiles ツ

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