Wafer Paper 3D Heart Garland

wafer paper 3d heart garland

This adorable, wafer paper 3d heart garland tutorial is by Chef Mitchie of Mitchies Munchies.

Adorn your projects with this fun and unique garland made from our Premium Wafer Paper collection.

wafer paper supplies

Ingredients and Materials:

folding wafer paper

1. Decorate your cake with your preferred method.  We used the Pearl Luster Premium Icing Sheets™ to create the border and message plate (Die Cutters used: Grand Labels Four and Designer Borders).  Prepare your Premium Wafer Paper by taking one sheet folding it in half.  Fold in half again.  This will help us to create multiples at once.

cutting wafer paper hearts

2. Prepare your “Cutting Sandwich”.  Place folded wafer paper onto plate C then space the three smallest Heart die cutters from each set, ridges down, atop the wafer paper. Cover with plate A.  Run through the Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ Cake Designer. Continue this process until all of the wafer paper has been utilized.  (Be cautious not to space the die cutters too close to one another to avoid overlapping).  Repeat these steps with remaining wafer paper.

folding wafer paper hearts

3. Disassemble your sandwich and remove the die cut wafer paper.  Carefully separate using the pick tool (if needed) and lay out your hearts.  To make a 3D heart we’ll use three of the larger hearts of the same color. Lightly dampen your paintbrush with water.  (Be sure it’s not too soaked as it will melt and wilt your wafer paper).  Lightly brush stroke one side of a heart and place another heart atop so it’s lined up evenly, then lightly press together for a bond.  Carefully open the other side of your heart “sandwich” and again dampen your paintbrush, lightly brush stroke one side of a heart, but this time we’ll place the third heart atop and press together.  Lastly open the last spacing of your 3D heart and brush stroke one side of heart and press the other to it.  You now have a 3D Heart.  Repeat this process with remaining large hearts.  Depending on the size of your project you may need to cut more hearts.  We made enough to cover a 7 inch cake.

wafer paper heart garland

4. To connect our 3D hearts we’ll use the smaller hearts.  Lightly brush stroke a small heart and place two of your 3D hearts atop, side-by-side.  Lightly brush stroke another small heart and place atop the 2 connected hearts, lining up with small heart on bottom.  TIP: Get creative!  Layer your hearts using different colors and scalloped cuts.

assembling heart garland

TIP: stay organized by laying out your pattern displaying your preferred garland’s final result.  Connect your garland in segments of four 3D hearts.  We alternated our colorful hearts and used the small layered hearts in between for a fun look.

heart garland on cake

Melt a small amount of clear DECOgel™ in a microwave-safe container (do not overheat; allow bubbles to settle before continuing to next steps).   Use your paintbrush to apply small amounts of DECOgel™ to the ends of your garland segments and attach to cake. You will need to hold it in place for a few moments until it has made a bond or the DECOgel™ has cooled.  Continue the previous steps with the remaining garland segments until you’ve achieved the look you prefer.

TIP: get even more creative and wrap your garland around your cakes from top to bottom in a spiral pattern!

More ways to get Creative:

  • Use other die cutters to make 3D garland: Stars & Balloons from the Happy Birthday set, butterflies! Sprockets! Snowflake pendant! Letters!
  • Print our your fave iDesigns™patterns onto our Premium Wafer Paper for a fun look!
  • Die cut your connectors from Premium Icing LUSTER sheets for a “sparkling” look

 We hope you enjoy this tutorial and can’t wait to see what you create!

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