Nori Seaweed Wafer Paper Tutorial

nori seaweed wafer paper

In this tutorial by Chef Mitchie Curran of Mitchies Munchies, you”ll learn how to turn our Premium White Wafer paper into realistic Nori seaweed!

nori seaweed supplies
Materials and Ingredients Needed:


  • Icing Images® Premium Wafer Paper – White
  • Paper Cutter or scissors & ruler
  • Powder colors (for this project I used Turkish Black, Wedding Gold, & Green Leaf from TheSugarArt)
  • a large soft bristle brush
  • a small soft bristle brush
  • small mixing container
  • paper towels
  • steamer (not shown)

dusting wafer paper
1. Cut several even strips of Premium Wafer Paper. In a small mixing container, place small equal amounts of green and black powder colors. Place your strips atop a paper towel. Use the brush to apply the color to each strip, then turn over and apply color to the other side. Continue applying until you achieve a deep color.

wafer paper nori
2. Once your strips are deep in color, dip the small brush into the gold powder color and lightly tap over top each strip (like sprinkling powdered sugar). Use a steamer to set the color and make a slight crinkle to your “Nori”.

Wasn’t that terrific? Use your Nori Strips to wrap around candy sushi you’ve created.



  • You can use our Premium Wafer Paper in green to get a head start on coloring.
  • Save even more time by running your wafer paper through your edible printer, look for a ombre green/black pattern or get creative with your iDesigns™.
  • Wrap your Nori sheets around gummy fish for a fun afternoon or party snack!

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