DECOgel California Roll

decogel california roll

Sushi cakes are a popular request at Mitchies Munchies, so Chef Mitchie Curran shared her tips for making a realistic California sushi roll with DECOgel™.

DECOgel is an amazing edible medium for creating near realistic pieces of sushi. In this tutorial you will learn how to cast DECOgel and layer it.

decogel california roll supplies

  • DECOgel – White
  • DECOgel – Clear
  • Sushi California Roll Mold
  • Powder colors (for this project I used Saffron, Green Leaf & Hot Pink from TheSugarArt)
  • 5 small paintbrushes
  • 4 heatproof containers
  • Premium Wafer Paper “Nori”
  • Non-stick work space
  • toothpicks
  • small container with water

1. Melt a small amount of clear DECOgel and separate into 3 containers. Melt a small amount of white DECOgel in a separate container. Use your powder colors to tint each of the clear DECOgels and one white. For our project we created colors similar to carrot, green cucumber skin, salmon, and cucumber flesh.

painting mold with decogel

2. Use your brush to paint inside the cavity of the sushi roll. We started with the salmon color for the “crab stick”, then painted the carrot cavity.

decogel cucumber
3. Next we outline the cavity for the cucumber with dark green then fill it with a few drops of the cucumber flesh color. Allow to set for a few moments while you melt approx. 1/4 cup of white DECOgel.

molded decogel california roll
4. Carefully and completely cast melted white DECOgel into the mold. Set aside and allow to firm up. Depending on your environment it could take 5- 10 minutes or more for the DECOgel to set. You will know your “CA Roll” is completely set when the DECOgel pulls away from the side of mold with ease.

completed decogel california roll
5. Once released, use a paintbrush with a small amount of water to dampen the sides of the roll to adhere a “Nori” strip. Wrap strip around until it overlaps the starting point and secure with another dab of water. Trim away excess.

Wasn’t that brilliant? A fun, easy, creative, and time saving edible decoration sure to fool any onlooker into believing it’s REAL SUSHI!


– Not all Sushi rolls are the same – get creative with your color mixes!
– You can heat DECOgel directly in it’s storage container, but for more precision casts we recommend a heatproof container with a spout.
– There is no need to prep a good quality food grade safe silicone mold. But, if your mold is porous, we recommend you lightly grease its cavity.
– Pressed for time? Carefully transfer your filled molds into a cooler environment like the freezer for a quicker set!
– Make some “wasabi” rip up some green Premium Wafer Paper and soak with water then bunch together to make a loose mound.
– You’ll need some sushi grass decorations; use small scissors to make thin slits in green Premium Wafer Paper.

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