DAD Edible Frame Tutorial

DAD Edible Frame Tutorial – Special thanks to Mitchies Munchies, Chef Mitchie Curran for the fantastic tutorial just in time for Father’s Day!
This project is really versatile. Using a template, some memorable photos, and our Premium Icing sheets and edible ink you can create a fun cake topper or a dimensional standout.

Materials and Ingredients Needed:

Three memorable photos
Clear DECOgel
Premium Icing Sheets – White
Colored Luster Sheets your color choice
1 paintbrush
1 heatproof container
Non-stick work-space and cutting surface
Precision cutting tool or scissors
Not Pictured: Sweet Accents Cake Designer, Asian Accent Die Cutter Set,  Gourmet Writers

DAD template – click here to download


Print your memorable photos onto a white Premium Icing sheet; we recommend printing wallet size for each photo. Trim them to size, then set aside. Load your edible printer with a Premium Luster color sheet of your choice. For our project we chose blue.  Print out the template and keep the plastic backing intact.  (The template measures 6 1/4 in L and 2 1/2 in H).  Use your precision tool to cut out the openings of each letter.


Melt a small amount of DECOgel, this will be used as an edible glue.  Gently lift your cut template and place the memorable pictures you chose onto the  plastic backing, then place template back over pictures. Survey and make adjustments to photos if needed.


If you like their placement, once again gently lift your template, being careful not to move your pictures.  Place small amounts of DECOgel around cutout areas, not too close to the edge and not too thick. A little goes a long way.

Place template back over your pictures and gently smooth out as it lays flat.


Turn your work over and remove plastic backing.  Brush DECOgel around perimeters of pictures then fold top half of Luster sheet over to cover pics and seal off project.

Use your precision tool to trim the template to Reveal the word DAD. Secure any loose spots with DECOgel; can be remelted. We used a blue Gourmet Writer to touch up the sides of our project for added dimension.


To adhere to the side of our cake we used melted DECOgel!  We created the border using our Sweet Accents Cake Designer with the Asian Accents border and a Metallic Gold Luster sheet.

Wasn’t that terrific?  A fun, easy, unique, and heartfelt edible decoration sure to make your loved one’s day extra special.



  • You can heat DECOgel directly in its storage container, but for smaller jobs we recommend a heatproof container with a cool to the touch handle.
  • Don’t stop there! Use this fun project for all occasions, MOM, POOL Party, LOVE.
  • For more FUN, try adding some other Sweet Accent Die Cuts! For example add some balloons and stars from the Happy Birthday Die Cut set.
  • Don’t forget to share, we love to see your creations!

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