Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial by Mitchies Munchies!

Edible Treat Wrapper TutorialThis project is not only adorable, it’s edible!! In just a few easy steps you’ll be making portable, completely edible treats for any occasion!

Materials and Ingredients:

  • Icing Images® Premium Colored Wafer Paper (color of your choice)
  • Precision cutting tool or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrush
  • One small container with water
  • Non-stick work space and cutting surface
  • One or more treats. We used Chef Mitchie‘s recipe for Shimmering Coconut Ice.
  • Treat base (cake board, or other food-grade safe padding)

Step 1: Treats should be ready to go and their bases already precut/sized. We made our bases just a bit wider than the treat.

Note: for this project a low moisture treat is best.  

Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial2

Place one sheet of wafer paper atop cutting surface, ensuring completely even for a straight cut. Line up treat base and measure where cut should be. Make your cut with a precision knife or scissors evenly down the middle, now there are 2 strips of wafer paper. (save excess for later).

Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial3

Step 2: Take two strips of cut wafer paper and lay them in a “plus sign” pattern. Slightly dampen paintbrush from water container. (Note: brush should not be dripping, tap side of brush or squeeze out excess.) in center make one to two sweeps with brush and adhere 2 strips together. It takes just a few seconds for wafer paper to adhere.

Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial4

Step 3: Place treat atop center of “plus” sign. Gently wrap one end over the treat, then do the same with opposite end; treat should look like it’s nestled in a tunnel. Use scissors to make 2 cuts opposite one another (third picture below).

Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial5

Step 4: Interlock the strips. Use scissors to trim off excess. Repeat step 4 with remaining sides. When complete treat will be neatly tucked away in it’s edible wrapper.  Use excess pieces to make edible ornaments for decorations, we made a bow!

Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial6

Wasn’t that fun? An easy and truly unique way to present your handmade treats!

Edible Treat Wrapper Tutorial7


  • Make your treat base edible too, use 2-3 pieces of wafer paper adhered together for a sturdy base. Be sure it can withstand the weight of your treat, add more wafer paper if needed.
  • Our Premium Wafer Paper has a great “work time”, however we recommend your working area be low humid and hands are dry.  Wear gloves !
  • Treat packages can be refrigerated; climate should not produce condensation and treats should not be near products that cause moisture/absorb.
  • Use your iDesign™ account to print out various patterns with your Icing Images edible printing system.
  • For more FUN, use Sweet Accent™ Die Cuts for edible ornaments! For example add some balloons and stars from the Happy Birthday Die Cut set.
  • Our Premium Icing Sheets can be used for this project as well in lower humidity environments!
  • Don’t forget to share, we love to see your creations!

Download the full tutorial (PDF) here!

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