DECOgel Holiday Lamps and Bulbs Mini Tutorial


icingimages_xmas lightIlluminate your DECOgel in a few easy step! The holidays are here and we LOVE these adorable holiday DECOgel™ lamps! These are perfect on top of a cake or used as decoration on your centerpiece! Create a colorful light for your edible projects! Ready to learn how? Take a look at the video below!

Ingredients Needed:

  • Container of your favorite DECOgel™ color
  • Small flexible heatproof cup
  • Celebration Lights (such as these ones from Michaels or these ones from Save on Crafts)

Some suggestions for DECOgel Lamps:

Looking for more great ideas on how to use these cool DECOgel lamps? Here’s some suggestions:

  • Holiday Lights
  • eerie back drop lights
  • headlamps for vehicle cakes
  • “portals” for video game themed cakes
  • creating a scene? string a strand of DECOgel bistro lights!

Learn More About DECOgel™!

DECOgel™ is an amazingly versatile product that can be poured into almost any form. DECOgel™ is known for making realistic gems, pearls, beads, and more. To create your favorite DECOgel™ accessory it’s as simple as 1. heat it up and 2. pour it into your favorite mold for a quick and easy piece!

With a texture similar to a gummy bear, DECOgel™ has a slight vanilla taste to match almost any flavor product you adhere it to.

DECOgel™ works beautifully with just about any mold, from high priced, high detailed molds, to inexpensive chocolate molds. Mix your favorite dye colors with the clear or white gel. Mix colored gels together to create new colors, or swirl them for amazing effects.

It can be frozen, refrigerated or left at room temperature. As a gelatin based product, it can eventually melt in the hot sun, however your cake will melt faster!

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Tutorial crafted by Chef Mitchie

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