Gingerbread Home Tutorial by Reva Alexander-Hawk

icing_images_collab_reva_decogelNwafer_1Looking for fun new ideas for how to decorate a Gingerbread Home? Icing Images is proud to present a decorating Gingerbread Home tutorial collaboration with artist Reva Alexander-Hawk of Merci Beaucoup Fine Cakes and Pastries! Reva used DECOgel™ and our Premium Wafer Paper to create her gorgeous design. This is surely to become a much loved tradition!

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Ingredients Needed:

  • Gingerbread House Cookies/Frame for Home
  • DECOgel™ in your favorite colors
  • Premium Wafer Paper
  • Piping Tools & Icing
  • Precision cutting tool or scissors
  • Tree Cookie Cutter
  • Scriber Tool
  • Snowflake Form
  • Lace Stencil/Form (Entryway)
  • Paper Crafting Punch (Roof – use your Sweet Accents and the Design Borders die cutter set!)
    Tip: You can also use your iDesign™ subscription to create unique roof patterns!
  • Disco Dust/Edible Glitter
  • Lights (Inside Home)
  • Misc. Decor

Ready to learn how to make this adorable Gingerbread Home? Take a look at the video below!

Learn More!

DECOgel™ is an amazingly versatile product that can be poured into almost any form. DECOgel™ is known for making realistic gems, pearls, beads, and more. To create your favorite DECOgel™ accessory it’s as simple as 1. heat it up and 2. pour it into your favorite mold for a quick and easy piece!

Our premium wafer paper is easy to manipulate and holds its shape in humid areas. Has a slight Vanilla flavor, and is available in 6 colors!


  • Our Premium Wafer Paper has a great “work time”, however we recommend your working area be low humid and hands are dry. Wear gloves!
  • Use your iDesign™ account to print out various patterns with your Icing Images edible printing system.
  • Don’t forget to share, we love to see your creations!

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Tutorial crafted by Reva Alexander-Hawk of Merci Beaucoup Fine Cakes and Pastries

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