Wafer Paper Snowflake Tutorial


‘Tis the season for snowflakes! Today’s Wafer Paper Snowflake tutorial by Jean A. Schapowal is perfect for a holiday or Frozen inspired treat. Simple and easy to make, all you need is wafer paper to create this gorgeous snowflake!

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Ready to learn how to create these beautiful decorations? Let’s begin!


Ingredients Needed:



Step 1 – Cut six squares of wafer paper in the size of your choice.


For this project, we measured 2 .5” X 2.5” sized squares to make up a snowflake placed on a 6” double barrel cake.

Step 2 – Fold each square in half, creating a a triangle shape.

Step 3 – Fold each triangle in half again.

Step 4 – Using your scissors, cut 3 slits into the triangle (careful not to cut all the way through). See arrows for direction of slits in the image below. icing_images_jean_tutorialcollab_slide3

A successful cut will reveal small slits in center when triangle is completely opened.

Step 5 – Carefully separate and open the slits to make “wrapping” a little easier.

Step 6 – Wrap the two center slits inwards to form a tube. Use a rounded paint brush handle to make wrapping easier. Add a dab of water to the ends and fold over.icing_images_jean_tutorialcollab_slide4

Step 7 – Flip the open square over and wrap over the next slit up from the center.

Step 8 – Flip over again and repeat with the next slit line.icing_images_jean_tutorialcollab_slide5

Step 9 – Flip over one last time and wrap over the last slit.

Step 10 – Repeat the above steps using the remaining five cut squares.

Begin joining the individual pieces together in the center by adding a small dab of water to the ends. All 6 pieces will form your snowflake.icing_images_jean_tutorialcollab_slide6

You can apply to your finished cake by adding some piping gel or melted DECOgel™ to the back of the snowflake.


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Tutorial crafted by Jean A. Schapowal from Cakes with Character!

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