Wafer Paper Tiger Lily Tutorial by That’s Good Cake

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We have a treat for you today! Diane Perry, from Thats Good Cake has crafted a stunning wafer paper Tiger Lily flower, and she’s provided us with the amazing tutorial! Grab your favorite Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper and a few other supplies, and let’s get started!

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  • Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper (this tutorial uses White wafer paper, but feel free to get creative!)
  • Wire sheers
  • Scissors
  • 3 dry paint brushes
  • Food color marker (or black food color with a fine paintbrush)
  • Floral wire
  • White floral tap
  • Water cup or water brush
  • Ruler
  • Template of lily petal ** (see our notes at the bottom for a FREE template)
  • Green food spray (or hand paint with green food color)**
  • Brown petal dust
  • Yellow petal dust
Trace your petals: You will need 6 petals per flower. Stack 3 sheets of wafer together and cut lily petal template to size; (these petals will be used as your backside petal).Stack wafer again and cut a second set slightly larger than first set (this is your front petal).
Use the food color marker to decorate front petals with small black dots in graduation from bottom to middle of the petal. Then pair your front and back petals, set aside.
Wrap six floral wires in white floral tape. Cut six of them to 7 inches in length, for petals and cut six of them to 4 inches in length, for stamens.
Assemble Lily Petals: Assemble lily petals by placing front petal (with dots) face down on your work surface. Slightly dampen a clean paintbrush and swipe length of petal, place wrapped wire halfway up petal and place back petal atop applying a small amount of pressure to allow wafer to adhere.
Note: Do not apply too much water, it will dissolve the paper!
If needed, apply a second swipe of water to the backside of the petals and apply
pressure. Bend the petal gently to the shape desired.
Use the wrapped wire cut sections of approximately 4 inches each. Decorate 6 stamens total.
Color stamen wires with green food color spray and allow to dry. Wrap the 6 sections of green stamens with floral tape leaving 1.5-2 inches exposed. Arrange in a spray.
Begin building your lily by wrapping each petal individually around stamen bundle with floral tape (at least once around stamen base before adding the next petal). Continue until all 6 petals are attached, then finish off wrapping entire length of stem.
Create pollen buds for all six stamens by cutting 6 small pieces of wafer paper, about 1×1 inch. Apply a liberal amount of water with the paint brush and shape it into a pill/capsule. Add more water if necessary and cut to size if needed. Repeat for all stamens.
While the stamen pollen bud is damp gently hold the flower upside down, or at a sharp angle to prevent cast off, and apply brown petal dust to the wet pollen pods with a dry paintbrush. Apply yellow petal dust with a dry brush to inner part of the petals.

Notes from Premium Product Expert ChefMitchie:

  • Use a free lily template online and print directly on to wafer paper with an Icing Images edible printer!
  • Use green wafer to wrap your stamens.
  • Try making your lilies with other wafer colors like Yellow or Pink and use petal dusts to make gradient blends.


  • Our Premium Wafer Paper has a great “work time”, however we recommend your working area be low humid and hands are dry. Wear gloves!
  • Use your iDesign™ account to print out various patterns with your Icing Images edible printing system.
  • Don’t forget to share, we love to see your creations!

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