Lilac Wafer Paper Rose Cake Pop by ChefMitchie Curran

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wafer_paper_rose_icing_images_mitchies_munchies_logoMother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY! Are you ready to celebrate mom? Still stumped on what you should give her? A dozen roses? Nahhhh. How about homemade rose cake pops? Yes, please!

Using our newest premium products, ChefMitchie Curran added Wafer Paper “Petals” to a cake pop to create a beautiful rose. The lightweight medium, wafer paper, virtually gives no additional mass. The light vanilla flavor of our Premium Wafer Paper paired with our “Edible Perfume” Paper Potion* is enjoyable for the senses; the smell and taste are delightful!

*Paper Potion is an edible paper conditioner that moisturizes your edible paper, temporarily, allowing for shaping and molding.


Step One
Prepare your cake pops
We used the new Mini Easy Roller from Heavenly Cake Pops to create the perfect round for our pop! Once the cake ball is attached the stick, with melted chocolate, use the palm of your hand to cradle cake ball and close your four fingers over it gently, open your fingers and rotate the cake ball 180 degrees and repeat the last step. This will give the top of your cake ball a slight cone shape. Now dip your cake pops in melted chocolate and allow to set.

Step Two
Prepare your petals and stem pieces
Depending on how you would like your rose to look you will need at least 8 small petals and 5 larger for each cake pop. If you are making bud roses 3-5 small petals. Use your cookie cutter to make an indent on your wafer paper then cut out the circles with scissors. OR use a stainless steel paper punch! We cut two sheets at once.

Step Three
Conditioning Petals
Protect your workspace with a non-stick mat. Layout as many petals as you’d like and spritz them with the Paper Potion.

NOTE: distance your sprayer about 6-8 inches away so you do not saturate your petals. Saturated petals take longer to dry and if moved too soon the wafer will recoil to itself.

Your petals will react to the air and take shape, you will see some curl or curve. This is normal and will add a more realistic look to your rose.You can shape the edges by manipulating them by hand or curving around a tool. You can also vein the petals if you prefer by laying your petals atop a veiner before spritzing with Paper Potion. Use your scissors to cut various lengths and widths of green wafer and set aside. Cut out various sizes of leaves with your green wafer OR use your Sweet Accents machine and the die cutter leaves from the Rose Creations set!

Step Four
Attaching Petals
Using your water pen or paintbrush lightly moisten the cake pops chocolate surface. Create the tight bud center by starting with 2 small petals. The first few petals you attach may not need assistance from your water paper, as the chocolate has been conditioned and your petals may still be fresh with Paper Potion. Attach the first petal by wrapping around top of cone. Attach second petal around opposite side. Continue adding smaller petals around the center slightly overlapping the previous. Pull back edges slightly to create the open flower.

NOTE: If you like the look of your Rose Cake Pop before adding all of the petals feel free to stop and continue to next step. OR after all small petals have been added begin attaching larger petals. *Chill your cake pop(s) if needed.

Step Five
Wrapping stem and adding leaves
Condition your leaves with the Paper Potion. You can condition your stem strips too OR soften the wafer by curving it over a tool or the width of your water pen/paintbrush. This process prepares the wafer to wrap around the cake pops stick without cracking. Use your waterpen to lighten moisten back of wafer strip then immediately begin wrapping around cake pop stick. If you run out, grab another strip and repeat process. Attach leaves to base of rose and stem.

HOORAY! It’s gorgeous and what a way to start a conversation. Family and Friends won’t believe their eyes when you tell them they can eat it!

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