Wafer Paper Poinsettia Tutorial – Edible Wafer Paper Tutorial by Mike Terry

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final 2Chef Mike Terry has us ready for the holidays with today’s tutorial! Do you love the look of poinsettia’s? We do!

Learn how you can create these gorgeous flowers using 100% edible Premium Wafer Paper and edible coloring with today’s wafer paper tutorial by Mike Terry – perfect for cake toppers, cupcakes, or even decorations for your holiday table.


Items needed:

  • Silhouette Cameo for realistic and precise cuts or in the downloadable template at www.icingimages.com. [Download The Template Here]
  • Red, yellow and green Premium Wafer Paper (from Icing Images).
    Note From Chef Mike Terry: I prefer the Icing Images brand because it is very easy to use, it comes in colors as well as white and its vanilla flavored.
  • Icing Images Paper Potion
  • water pen or a damp brush
  • 45-50 pieces of 30 gauge white wire cut in to 9-10 cm lengths.
  • White floral tape
  • The Sugar Art Super Pearl or Rainbow food safe glitter.
  • Optional: Printed Premium Wafer Paper using an Icing Images Edible Printer System with iDesigns™.
    Note: You can airbrush the petals as well, being careful not to over spray them causing them to get to wet as this will cause them to melt.

Step 1. Use the Silhouette Cameo or the template [above], cut two sizes of wafer paper petals.

Note From Chef Mike Terry: I prefer using the Cameo for this as it is precise and easy to cut out many decorations at a time. You can hand cut them, however you do not have the same precision as you do with the Cameo. Separate them by size in to tops and bottoms. You can use any number of petals. I used 5 small petals, 5-6 larger petals on the second layer and 5-6 petals on the third layer. Remember that you have to double the amount of petals since each petal contains a top and bottom layer.


Step 2. Cut the stamens out of the wafer paper scraps. Stamens should be .50cm x 3-3.5 cm long.

Step 3. Bend a small hook in the top of the wire. Moisten the wafer paper and roll it around the hook. Remoisten slightly as you roll the wafer paper, this will cause the wafer to begin to melt. Shape the wafer in to the stamen. Create about 18 stamens.


Step 4. Wrap stamens together with floral tape. You should now have a small bundle – this will be the center of your Poinsettia.

Step 5. To begin layering the petals for the Poinsettia, lay the first petal face down. Using a mist sprayer or water pen, slightly moisten the back of the petal.

Note: Do not use too much water as it will cause the wafer paper to melt. Place the wire 3/4 of the way up the petal.

Step 5 Con’t. Place a second petal over top of the wire creating a sandwich. Press the petal and wires together. Once you have the 5 small petals complete, join the stamens together with the petals using the floral tape. Continue on to create the larger petals and continue wrapping them together with the floral tape.


Step 6. To attach the leaves, repeat the above steps (steps 1 – 5) using the leaf pattern to create and attach the leaves.


Step 7. Dry brush Super Pearl or rainbow glitter as desired on Poinsettia.

Note From Chef Mike Terry: For these wafer petals and leaves, I printed the Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper with an Icing Images iDesigns™ using my edible printer to create the variation of color in the petals. You can also carefully airbrush the Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper using Americolor airbrush color. I have also dry brushed the petals using colors from The Sugar Art.

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Thinking about making it yourself? Here’s a few notes to consider first!


  • Our Premium Wafer Paper has a great “work time”, however we recommend your working area be low humid and hands are dry. Wear gloves!
  • Use your iDesign™ account to print out various patterns with your Icing Images edible printing system.
  • Don’t forget to share, we love to see your creations!

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