Printer Premium Wafer Paper Collections

Icing Images is so excited to introduce Printed Premium Wafer Paper

Collections!  Icing Images customers requested collections of wafer paper

that they could keep in their shop and use for upcoming projects.  So we

created our Premium Wafer Collection.  The response has been overwhelming

and these collections are flying off the shelves.  We would love to hear

your feedback on any collections that you don’t see.  For example, we are

thinking about a texture collection.  What textures do you think you would


These sheets are printed using Icing Images Edible inks for high quality

prints.  Remember Premium wafer paper is flavored with vanilla so it tastes

good!  Use with Icing Images Paper Potion to add flexibility to your wafer

paper instead of using steam.  So much easier and so much quicker!  We

invite you to try them today!

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