New economy grade icing sheet!

Icing Images introduces a new economy grade icing sheet.

This sheet is less expensive but does not have the bells and whistles that Icing Images Premium Icing Sheets have.

In trying to reduce costs for our customers, we felt introducing a new type of icing sheet for those customers who do not need all the benefits of a top of the line sheet, but can settle for less quality when top of the line is not needed.

The Premium and Classic brand all offer a higher quality then the average brands, but if you do not need a paper that works well in the tropics then why pay for one or if you do not use the frosting sheet on whipped icing, why pay for it!

Both brands still offer edge to edge printing, work with Icing Images iPrint™ program, have that great vanilla flavor and are flexible!

Another difference is the finish on the icing sheet.  Premium Icing Sheets have always featured a matte finish.  It is professional looking finish that has a slight texture.  Usually no one notices this.  The idea being it reduces tracking (vertical lines going down the sheet).  The Classic sheets boast a smooth finish.  Some like this look better, but beware of tracking!

Premium Icing Sheets are the most resilient icing sheet.  With the Premium Icing Sheet, if you accidentally leave the bag open, it tends not to dry out or collect too much moisture ruining the entire pack.  Whereas the classic as well as competitors brand can be ruined if this happens.

On a side note, many new suppliers are popping up in the market offering inferior products mimicking Icing Images. If you think you are getting a premium paper, make sure that it is from Icing Images if you are looking for the same quality.  Unfortunately, there is no huge discounts in the market for the true Icing Images Premium Sheets.  We do have sales and coupons pretty regularly, but if you see a discounted Premium Icing Sheet, chances are it is not the original.

Most importantly, Icing Images customers can count on top quality whenever purchasing something from the Icing Images line.  We always have an high expectation on quality for all of our products.  It is important to us to try and save our customers money, offering a less expensive product that does not offer all the bells and whistles but still maintains quality.  We know that your reputation is in our hands and we do not take that lightly.


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