“Wafer Paper Piñata TV Appearance”


Sweet Couture by Daly LLC

Join us with Daly Linares (Dahlia) owner Sweet Couture by Daly LLCdaly5 on how she was able to appear on Telemundo with her “Wafer Paper Piñata.”

*Bio (Introduction) Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started? How long you have been in business?

I remember when I was a little girl the smell of my neighbor’s house; she made custom cakes for a living. When I was around 9 years old, I asked my mother to teach me how to bake & of course cooking was part of my Hispanic culture as I come from a Italian & Puerto Rican background. Baking has been part of my life as long as I can remember, but decorating started around 6.5 years ago. My husband and I moved to Orlando, I barely knew no one, I was completely alone in my house every single day. I have a 16 year background in food & beverage, but my husband needed me to assist him with his work so I couldn’t go back to working full time. One day a friend asked me to decorate a cake for her, I was a little nervous but I went & got basic decorating tools. I can say that I was so impressed with my decoration; it came out much better than I thought. That was the beginning what now has become my business. Everyone loved the cake & from there they kept on asking me for decorated cakes. Decorating became a huge part of my life & kept me from feeling lonely & bored as I have always been a outgoing/creative girl. When I create art with cakes I am in my happy place & there is no better reward to see my client’s face when I deliver a cake. I know it sounds cheesy but to me decorating is my true passion & wouldn’t change it for anything as I can show my art through my hands & ideas.

*Tell us about your recent opportunity of being on Telemundo51? What is the Red Balloon Party Rentals about? Location? Tell us how you were chosen or how was the opportunity presented?

Red Balloon Party Rentals is an event decorating & party rental company located in Miami FL, we met one day through a client. We hit it off immediately & they stadaly6ted using my services for cakes and dessert tables; then the owner & I became very good friends. She presented me the opportunity when Telemundo called her for the 5 de mayo decoration, she wanted to add a cake, so we gathered ideas & wanted to make something that represented the theme in a modern way. So the piñata was a perfect pick! I immediately thought about the wafer paper to give it the modern & realistic look.

*How did you decide what you wanted to do for the display?

For the cake & cupcakes I though; go all out or go home, so 3D piñata was my choice. For the display, that was Brigitte’s idea owner of Red Balloon.


*Inquiring minds want to know what happens to the cake after? Did they eat it?

They devoured it, including the Rice Krispy ears, lol!

*What would you tell someone in the same industry that wants to have this kind of opportunity for growth in this industry?

*Never give up! If you are truly serious, dedicated, responsible and want to grow in this business or any: follow your dreams! Dare to be different and outgoing, but most important keep it humble & always be yourself. I love what I do so it never feels like work, no matter the obstacles.

*How did you first hear about icing images wafer paper?

I was googling edible images & found your wonderful site!

*How did you like working with the wafer paper?

It is so easy & great to work with, a little dab of water to glue & Voilà! I can’t wait to keep on creating more with it!

*We know that Florida is very humid, how did our premium wafer paper hold up to the humidity?

No problem at all, it keep steady for a long time, even when storing it.

*Did you use pre colored wafer paper? If not how did you color the wafer paper?

I used pre color & also used color mist spray paint for 2 of the colors. It dried fast & was easy use even after.

*Besides wafer paper what other icing images products do you use?

I have a Canon iX printer that I love, icing sheets, isomalt, & recently bought Deco Gel & can’t wait to use it! daly4.png

Icing Images Tips:

You can buy Pre-colored wafer paper.

You can print patterns on wafer paper for a different Gpattern using idesign.

Silhouette Cameo can cup strips fast and easy.

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