Decogel Rose Topper Tutorial


Decogel Rose Topper Tutorial by our Guest Artist Blogger Sherri Crohan of SherDelights by Sherri Crohan 


SherDelights by Sherri Crohan 



Supplies Needed:  Decogel clear, floral wire (20 gauge-Wilton shown), gumpaste (SatinIce shown), purple gel color (ChefMaster violet shown), small styrofoam buds, rose petal cutters, disco dust (Sunflower plum shown), clear glaze spray (PME shown), paint brushes, rolling pin, tooth picks, small glass ramekin, small “shot” glass, wax paper, white floral tape, styrofoam block  (not pictured baking sheet) 


*You will need to make this flower in stages, so it’s a good idea to read through all the


Step 1:  Place a chunk of Decogel (~1 oz.) in a glass ramekin. 


Step 2:  Microwave on high 10-12 seconds (it will become a hot liquid) and use tooth pick to add gel color.  Mix until color is uniform. 




Step 3:  Pour liquid onto a wax paper lined baking sheet.  (Be careful, liquid will be very hot!) 


Step 4:  Using a tooth pick, spread the liquid into a uniformly thick rectangle, shown is ~3.5” x 5” (again, be careful not to touch liquid, it’s still hot!) 


Step 5:  Place baking sheet in freezer, and note the time. 


 Step 6:  Color a small ball of gum paste with your gel color. 



 Step 7:  Insert floral wire into bud, bend ends down toward pointed end, and twist the two ends together as shown. 


 Step 8:  Roll out your gum paste to ~1/8” thick and cut one of the largest sized petals (mine is 2.25”) 

Step 9:  Work gum paste around bud until completely covered, and trim excess.  (a tiny drop of water or sugar glue might be needed to stick completely) 



 Step 10:  Cut three small petals from your gum paste.  (mine are ~1.25”) 


Step 11:  Thin petal a bit between fingers, then use a drop of water or sugar glue to adhere the first small petal to the bud.  Then, repeat with the other two petals, overlapping each a bit with the previous petal. 



Step 12:  Remove Decogel from freezer after one hour and spray with clear glaze.  Allow to dry for ~5 minutes. 


 Step 13:  Cut 3, 1 ½” petals, and 5,  2” petals and flip each over onto the wax paper.  Spray and allow to dry. 


 Step 14:  Spray and allow to dry. 



******* Step 15:  Place “scraps” in glass ramekin and microwave for 10 seconds.  Repeat steps from earlier.  (Pour onto wax paper lined baking sheet, use tooth pick to spread evenly, and freeze for one hour.  Remove from freezer, spray with clear glaze, and allow to dry.  Cut 5 additional 2” petals, flip over, spray, and allow to dry.) 


***** Alternately, you may begin with a larger amount of Decogel and cut all petals at once, but I’m always looking for ways to make less waste!  ;0)   


 Step 16:  Place a small amount of Decogel in a shot glass.  (Mine is the size of the tip of my thumb.) 


 Step 17:  Microwave for ten seconds to melt.   


 Step 18:  Using a paint brush and the melted Decogel as glue, begin to layer the small petals around the bud, overlapping each a bit with the previous petal. 




Step 19:  Continue layering the larger petals, until all are used.  (Notice below that one of my petals was a bit thin and tore a little.  It’s fine if that happens, it will not be noticeable when the flower is complete, and natural flowers aren’t perfect anyway ;0) 


Step 20:  Using a paint brush, sprinkle disco dust onto both the top and underside of your flower

Step 21:  **OPTIONAL:  I decided I wanted my center to look darker, so I used a bit of my gel color mixed with a small amount of vodka to paint it to the shade I like. 


Step 22:  Wrap the stem with white floral tape, and your Decogel rose is complete!



*** You can vary the look of your roses by using only a gum paste covered bud in the center with all Decogel petals, as I’ve done on the left.  You can also vary the look by using a round styro center and round cutters as I’ve done on the right.  And these flowers are so pretty covered in disco dust, so use any shade of disco dust that you like! 

I’ve used Sunflower Sugar Art Raspberry on both of these! 

Enjoy!!  ;0) 


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