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Welcome and thank you for checking out this blog post about an amazing new product just for us sweets makers & cake decorators. First I’d like to say Thank You to Icing Images for asking me to try out this awesome product and to write about it for you. There are so many amazing things you’re going to be able to do now that I just can’t wait to get started telling you.

Okay, so my products were different colors of Icing Images Flex Frost Fabric Sheets. I chose pearl, gold, copper & silver.

Of course being frosts I went with the most popular colors I could think of. My sheets arrived in a very sturdy shipping box and inside they were incased in their own safe shipping bag. Each sheet arrived in perfect condition.



When you’re ready to use your FlexFrost Fabric Sheets just peel them off of the sturdy paper they are adhered to. They are super easy to remove, just lift one corner, peel and gently pull. They come right off.awendy1

Out of the 4 colors I chose all except for the white/pearl stayed perfectly soft, flexible and pliable the entire time I was working with them- Absolutely Fabulous. No rushing to create or apply because they did not get sticky, tacky or dry out. The pearl white however did dry out rather fast for me, I did get some cracking also. I’m not sure why because generally they all looked just about the same except for the color. So maybe it’s something Icing Images can answer for us.

So my plan was to create a neat bow for a cake and do some applications using Flex Frost Sheets. I’ll show you the cake design then I’ll give you the outline on how I created it. I call it an angel bow.


So it’s super simple to make and using FlexFrost sheets you don’t need to let it dry like you would with fondant or gum paste. First choose the sheet colors of your choice, and you’ll need just a few tools. Scissors, a lace punch press cutter ( totally optional) and some sugar glue. I used just gum paste thinned with water for glue.

I chose 2 shades making sure I had one straight end to use in my lace punch press.


Each outside edge I punch pressed and trimmed the ends for a soft finish.



No need to worry about the inside edges because those will not be seen.


Next I folded the two colors together like a fan. If you wanted to make a full circle

Bow you could make (4) of these. That would look amazing. I went with just 2 sides.

For my bow.



After you fold both sides, trim



Make your bow tails any way you like. I made mine a bit long

Because I wanted some additional length


I added a little ruffle to the top using the copper color.



Check out the awesome Flex Frost sheets over at Icing Images. They really are a dream to work with.


**You can cut the Flex frost sheets and fold into a fan and add to the cake.

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