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paper blogThe world of edible paper has changed and has evolved into a staple in any cake decorator and sugar artists! While the different edible paper types overlap in their uses, each one has its own defined use.

Here is some 411 on edible paper!

Starting with the oldest type of edible paper, wafer paper aka: rice paper, wafer, potato paper has been in the industry for several centuries. It was considered a luxury product that only the aristocracy and upper middle class would be able to afford.  It is ironic as now it is the least expensive edible paper on the market!

Wafer paper is now primarily used to created edible accents, edible branding, biodegradable packaging and can be printed on using an edible printer.  Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper is flavored with vanilla and is unique because it comes in different colors including white for endless possibilities.  While you can print an edible picture to be placed on a cake with it, it is not the most ideal use for this type of paper.  Ideally you would use to create flowers, cut outs and things that stand off the cake or pastry.  While edible paper does come in different thicknesses, Icing Images uses only AD as it’s the most versatile thickness in the edible arts industry. Many people use a steamer to make the wafer more flexible, but often times it wets the paper too much causing it to melt.  Icing Images developed a new product called Paper Potion in which a light mist is sprayed on to the wafer causing it to become more pliable and easy to work with.  It is truly an answer to many problems that were previously associated with Wafer Paper.

Here is a great tutorial showing how to make fantasy Wafer Paper Poinsettias!

Icing Sheets have been around over the last few decades.  Trying to find a better solution for laying edible pictures on cakes, the Icing Sheet, aka frosting sheets, or sugar sheets are a bit thicker and imitate icing and frosting more so then wafer paper.   There are different brands of icing sheets available but Icing Images offers the premium Icing Sheet with a vanilla flavor with no bitter aftertaste and come on an acetate backing allowing for it to be easily peeled off its backing without prematurely falling off its backing in dryer environments.  This Premium Brand works in the desserts of Las Vegas and Phoenix while still being the best choice in the humid environments like the Caribbean!  IN addition the Icing Sheets from Icing Images come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Here is a tutorial on how to use an icing sheet wrapped around a cake!

Chocolate Transfer sheets traditionally are made with cocoa butter.  They generally are only used for adhering an image to chocolate and come preprinted.  Because you cannot print on them it does not offer individual customization. So Icing Images introduced a new type of transfer sheet, the Simi Transfer Sheet.

The Simi Transfer Sheet has no cocoa butter in its ingredients, so the decorator can print on it using their edible printer and customize their sheets.  The Simi sheet works with heated products such as chocolate, isomalt, and meringue.  The heat activates the ingredients in the paper and transfers the design on to the medium.

Check this tutorial out! Use a Simi Transfer Sheet for custom Meringue’s!

Edible Fabric is the newest edition to the edible paper line up.  This sheeted fabric is ideal for decorations that need a fabric type appearance.  It can be printed on and comes in white as well as metallic colors.  Icing Images offers the Flexfrost™ Edible Fabric Sheets, but all Flexfrost products from Icing Images carry a special vanilla truffle flavor.  This sheet also can create an instant edible lace as well making it a very versatile product.  While you can print a picture of someone and lay it on a cake with the Edible Fabric Paper, it is not the best use of this product being that it is a bit thicker and chewier and a bit more expensive than the standard Icing Sheet.

Make instant lace with our Flexfrost Edible Fabric Sheets!

With new types of edible paper being invented and added to the lineup it is creating a whole new world in the edible printing market!  No longer is it just about putting a picture on a cake, you can accent any paper with designs.  We suggest Icing Images edible printing programs including iDesigns™ which is a program with designs specifically used for the edible arts.

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