Edible Ink and choosing the right edible printer.

It has been 18 years since Icing Images opened their doors.  It is hard to believe.  My oldest son was one and he became the original logo for the company!  Matt is now 19 and no longer toddling around but driving all over the country.  A lot has changed since Icing Images’ inception.  Most of our customers did not have a computer and dial up was the way we surfed the internet!  Now away at college Matt Skype’s me from halfway across the country and all Icing Images customers have computers and use computer based printing programs designed for edible printing.

Wow! We have seen a lot. What has not changed is the importance of choosing the correct edible ink for your edible printer.  For many years people thought it was the printer that is the most important part of edible printing.  While this is true, it is not the main component.  Through the 18 years of business, Icing Images has always recommended Canon, not cause it has always worked, which is a great reason, but because it has a removable printhead that can be cleaned.  While we have tested other brands such as Epson and HP in choosing an edible printer it comes down to whether you can fix an inevitable problem of a printhead clogging.  With Canon’s removable printhead, it remains the best choice hands down.

Regular non-edible printers ink clogs if set to long and those inks have the toxins in them to keep them from clogging.  So you can imagine that if we can’t put the toxins in the edible ink that it will inevitably clog.  It’s just a fact.  But edible inks do range in quality of resistance to clogs as well as clogs.  You will never get a perfect match in edible printing, again because of those pesky toxins that are needed to tweak the ink perfectly.

So are edible inks from Ebay, Amazon, or an edible supply store the same quality as what is found from a leading edible specialist? Maybe, the easiest way to tell before buying is the price.  If the price is awesome! Most likely, you are going to have problems. You get what you pay for! Poor quality ink not only will give you inferior prints with incorrect colors, but it will also clog your printhead and possibly ruin the printhead.  We have tested a few of these and it was awful and ruined our printhead.  In addition, the failure rate on the cartridge chip is higher.  All causing frustration and wasting your time and money.

Getting high quality edible ink in reliable cartridges costs money.  But the edible ink that is higher priced will produce better quality prints, vibrant colors and will clog less.  Icing Images takes pride in their edible inks.  We constantly test and tweak our edible inks always trying to make them better and better.  Just when we think we have the perfect formula, we find a way to make it better.  Knowing they will never be perfect makes us keep working toward finding the best edible ink.  Icing Images edible inks have a “secret” formula.  What this means we are the only ones who have this edible ink and unless a reseller purchases their edible ink from Icing Images, you will not be able to purchase this formula anywhere.

Did you know that edible ink cartridges have different style chips on them?  If not sold by a reputable edible ink specialist, often times other companies pass of what is called a “one time chip”.  This chip will allow the printer to count the number of prints that you print and once you run out of ink the cartridge will no longer work.  Automatic Refilling Chips or (ARC chips) are the only types we sell. This allows you to refill the cartridge over and over again saving you money on the higher priced quality ink.  Keep in mind that we only recommend refilling cartridges three times. The chip itself can be the most expensive part of the cartridge.  Reliability of the chip is essential too.  Since you are dealing with electronics, chips can fail.  Icing Images cartridges have been found to have less than .05% failure rate.  We only want the best for our customers!

In addition, all are cartridges are true virgin cartridges.  What this means is that they never ever had any ink in them at all.  Some cartridge manufacturers clean out the cartridge and consider that a virgin cartridge, however in the edible industry, this is plain dangerous due to the chemicals that are used to clean the sponges.  Once edible ink has been inside the cartridge, the cartridge is no longer food safe. All Icing Images cartridges are built to order and the cartridge uses a food safe plastics and sponges. In fact, we went one step further in determining that our edible ink and cartridges have been certified by an independent FDA Registered Facility as Generally Recognized as Save (GRAS).  This means that our ink contains no harmful ingredients of any kind.  GRAS is an FDA term that ensures that all food ingredients/additives are safe for you and your customers. In addition, Icing Images products have been inspected by the FDA during inspections and follow correct labeling. What this means for you is that if you are inspected by the FDA or health department and they check your printer (we have had this happen to customers) it has all the proper labeling requirements avoiding being written up and possibly shut down and required to do a recall.

We  want to ensure that what you spend your money on is not only of the highest quality, but it must also  safe and save you money!


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