Premium Wafer Paper Leaf Tutorial using Paper Potion by Jarid Altmark

Jarid Altmark
Flowers are probably the most popular additions to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and really any sweet treats you can think of. And while there are tons of different varieties of flowers, they all one thing in common…they all have leaves! A leaf can really elevate a design, especially one that incorporates flowers. They can also balance out a design or even add a nice complimentary color to the scheme in your creations. And the best part is, just like flowers, they don’t have to be very realistic! While most leaves are green you can create any color leaf to go with your design. For this tutorial I made a silver leaf using White Premium Wafer Paper and a simple rose also out of White Premium Wafer Paper. Here is how I made the leaf!
Place your wafer paper over a template. There are lots of leaf shapes, I drew some just so you get an idea of how different leaves can be.
Using a wheel cutting tool, scissor, x-acto knife, or even pizza cutter, cut out your leaf shape based on your template. I cut my wafer paper on top of a self healing cutting mat made for quilting.
Lightly spritz your cut out wafer paper leaf (on both sides) with Paper Potion, then fold in half to create the central veining. At this step you can place in a veiner to get a very light veined look, or you can also take Dresden or wheel tool to add just a few more vein lines, or just plain and simple with no texture.
Place leaf on top on something to give it more shape. Bumpy egg crate foam works well, as does an aluminum foil form; I used the backside of an ice tray to shape my leaf. If you need to add a wire to your leaf, just simply attach a higher gauge (24-28) paper or cloth covered floral wire to the leaf with some thick piping gel or water and then sandwich another thin strip of wafer paper, painted with water or thickened piping gel to hold it in place.
The last step is totally optional, considering Icing Images has a great variety of colored wafer paper, but the best way to color wafer paper is to print on it using an edible printer before cutting and shaping, but you can also paint on it using gel color, airbrush color, petal dust or luster dust mixed with a very high proof alcohol. I use an off-brand Grain Alcohol . You can also airbrush the wafer paper as long as the medium in your airbrush is mixed with some sort of alcohol, which cuts the water content in the colorants and doesn’t break down the wafer paper. I used silver highlighter mixed with the alcohol to paint my leaf.
That’s it! I hope this inspires you to experiment with wafer paper more and to not leave leaves out of your arrangements, they can really bring your designs to a new level!

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