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Kara Shall

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Hen and Chick Cakes


I am so excited to share with you today how to make these edible image binoculars in just a few easy steps! I was recently asked to make a birdwatching themed cake for a customer, and the first thing I thought of was, “Wouldn’t it be cool if the birthday boy could peek into the binoculars and see birds?” Thankfully, I had just recently ordered my brand new Icing Images $199 printer bundle, because I had the idea to make the lenses from Isomalt and printed wafer paper. YES, you can use printed wafer paper in isomalt, and it is so easy!


I printed my bird images out and let them dry fully before touching them again. Using a round cutter, I traced around the images and cut them out to fit inside the binocular lenses. I knew I would be using a 2” lollipop mold, so I made my images almost (but not quite) 2” in diameter.

Before I continued with the lenses, I mixed a bit of tylose into my fondant to help it dry faster and be more firm. I then rolled the fondant mixture out on a textured mat with some corn starch to keep it from sticking (I just used a clean, shelf liner mat that had an interesting texture that reminded me of the texture some binoculars have).


My large fondant rolling pin happens to also be 2” in diameter (oh, happy day!), so cut my textured fondant pieces into 6” x 7” rectangles and wrapped those around the rolling pin, sealing the seams with a tiny bit of water and set it up to dry (you can see here that I used the arms of my mixer to prop up the rolling pin so that the binoculars would dry without flattening). These needed to be very firm, so I let them dry overnight.

After melting my clear isomalt, I poured it carefully into two cavities of my 2” lollipop mold (be sure to use a heat-resistant mold like this one), covering the bottoms only, carefully setting my images (image side-up) on top of the melted isomalt and then finally finished filling each cavity with just enough isomalt to cover each image. I wanted the other end of the binoculars to have clear lenses with no images, so I also used the mold to make two clear isomalt circles. These take 10-20 minutes to dry, but it doesn’t hurt to leave them even longer just to be sure they completely harden before you pop them out of the molds.

Once you have your hardened candy lenses and your fondant pieces are dry, use a small brush to wet the rim of each lens with water and carefully insert them into your hollow binoculars. If you use the 2” lollipop mold and a large fondant rolling pin (which is 2” at its widest), these should fit exactly. I then used a flat strip of fondant to wrap a rim around the lens and the binoculars, to add stability and to look like the adjustable ends of a pair of binoculars.


I used my 3” and 2” circle cutters to add a round piece of fondant on top of the image to finish the edges, then let them dry before repeating this process with the clear lenses on the opposite sides.

I added some simple fondant details like knobs to finish off the binoculars.
The birthday boy was WOWED and loved that he could eat every bit of the topper!


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