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We keep track of the sales you bring in! Earn a percentage of the total sale for each member you refer. Keep track of your referrals in our easy to use program!

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How It Works:

Our program offers an easy to setup system that helps you get selling, faster. Simply complete the signup here. Once your account has been approved, a customized link will be sent your way. Use this link to refer potential clients to If they place an order, you get paid!

Tools For Affiliates:

Want to see your results? Head to your Dashboard! Here you will find reports on how you’re doing and expected returns!

Use these reports to help improve your results.

Tips For Success:

Not sure how to get started? Here’s a few tips to help!

  • Share and share often (but don’t spam!) – The more you share, the more chances you have for users to click, but be careful not to be spammy.
  • Share QUALITY content – When you share, include some personal feedback. What do you like about the product? How have you used it? How do you recommend potential clients get started?
  • Try the products before you sell them – Get familiar with our line of products. The more familiar you are with them, the more you can brag about them and provide valuable feedback!
  • Pictures and videos go a lot further – When using our products, capture the results in photos or record the whole session with video. Clients love the inspiration and your posts will go even further!
  • Make sure you use your link! – Always make sure you are using your personalized link when sharing. We want to make sure we credit the right account!

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