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Icing Images® offers a huge variety of cake decorating products and supplies for bakers, homemakers, hobbyists, and professional cake decorators. This page will explain what we offer, how it works, and what you need to get started.

Edible Paper Art is the process of decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, candy, etc. with edible icing sheets that can have an image or design printed on them, can be cut out in decorative patterns, and even used to build dimensional shapes.

All of these techniques are accomplished by using tools and supplies that are created just for the edible decorating industry. Paper made of icing, inks made of food coloring, printers and cutters that work with the icing sheets, and a huge variety of other decorating tools and goodies allow you to bring out your creativity in a completely edible style.

Icing Images appears on the LifeTime TV show "The Balancing Act" to demonstrate how easy Paper Art can be. Click the image to watch our appearance.

Here are some basic ways Edible Paper Art can be applied:

Image printed on edible icing sheet and applied to cake. See our Customer Cakes page for more examples by our customers. iDesigns™ flower pattern printed on edible icing sheets and wrapped around sides of cake. Simple cutout shapes using Silhouette Electronic Cutter applied to cake. Dimensional shapes created using die cutters with the Sweet Accents™ Cake Designer. Images printed on edible icing sheet and applied to cookies.

I want to print edible pictures...

If you are interested in printing pictures or patterns on edible icing sheets, such as a team photo, a logo, a child's photo, etc. on top of the cake, or if you want to print a fancy design to wrap around the edge of your cake, you will need an Edible Printing System.

These systems contain a printer that comes with Edible Icing Sheets and uses Edible Inks and Cartridges. Icing Sheets are an actual layer of icing that bonds with your frosted cake, cookie, etc, or can be shaped as standalone art. The inks are special food coloring formulas designed for use in printers. The inks print right on the icing sheets and can be applied to your cake right away. (never use regular inks in the same printer!)

For more information on Edible Printing Systems, click here.

The flowers created on the left were first printed using patterns shown on the right.

Premium Icing Sheets™ for printing

While you can print on any Edible Icing Sheet, white or colored, usually you will print on the white icing sheets. Edible Icing Sheets come in many sizes, including templates for multiple prints of circles or squares, as shown in the image to the left.

For more information on Edible Icing Sheets, click here.

Colored Icing Sheets for printing and cutting

While Colored Icing Sheets can also be printed on for interesting effects, they are used mostly for cutting out patterns and shapes. Coming in 13 colors on 12x12 sheets, these sheets are solid color all the way through, so no white cut lines, they bend without cracking, can be painted, airbrushed, stamped, punched, quilled, etc.

Try our New Luster Sheets for a lustry sheen that adds dimension to your images. These sheets come in 11 colors.

For more information on Colored Icing Sheets and Luster Sheets, click here.

Edible ink cartridges and refill bottles

Edible Inks are a specially formulated food coloring mixture for printing onto icing sheets. The colors are matched with regular inks, then modified to hold their coloring better on the icing sheets. Our refill bottles allow you to easily refill the inks in each cartridge without having to buy new cartridges each time (usually three refills per cartridge).

For more information on Edible Ink Cartridges and Refills, click here.

Sweet Accents™ Cake Designer

The Sweet Accents™ Cake Designer is completely portable and does not require a computer or electricity. Simply sandwich any one of our Premium Icing Sheets along with your favorite food safe die or embossing folder, and with a simple twist of a handle you have amazing designs to decorate with! Fast, easy and affordable. These food safe dies work great with Isomalt and even gumpaste. Create frames, flowers, accents, patterns, backgrounds, cake toppers, textures, etc.

By printing iDesigns™ patterns on our Premium Icing Sheets, you can punch out incredible artistic creations in no time.

For more information on the Sweet Accents™ Cake Designer, click here.

Electronic Cutter System

You can use any of our Electronic Cutter Systems to cut out complicated patterns and shapes.

Our Electronic Cutter Systems feature the Silhouette Cameo Cake Cutter and come with software and many accessories that allow you to set up any shape or design and get perfect cuts.

Use these tools with our solid colored cutter sheets, or expand your creativity and cut sheets with designs that you print on them.

For more information on Electronic Cutter Systems, click here.

FREE online printing

iPrint™ is our free printing feature that allows you to print your images on our Premium Icing Sheets™ right from our website. You can upload your images, select different regions to print, add text, borders, shapes, and print on a variety of icing sheet types. iPrint has a complete easy-to-follow tutorial. If you are interested in printing our iDesigns Patterns (see details to the right), you will need iPrint.

For more information on iPrint, click here.

Printing patterns and backgrounds

iDesigns™ is our seamless pattern printing features. We offer over 1,500 patterns to choose from, and they can be customized to fit your edible projects by sizing, rotating, and adding cut lines. You can print oversized patterns to cutout and apply as decorations.

For more information on iDesigns, click here.

Other products to enhance your creativity

Icing Images is always adding new products to its inventory. Below are some of the newer items we have added. They are (from left), DECOgel - great for creating gummy-textured molds and decorations, edible markers - great for touchups and writing, edible sprays - great for creating interesting effects on frosting, and a pick tool and spatula, useful to help remove intricate cutout patterns from the paper and for precise placement on your cake.

Videos and Tutorials

There's no better way to learn than by watching the pros in action. We have many tutorials by professional cake decorators sharing their techniques with you using exclusively icing images products.

Click here to see our videos.

Social Media

Icing Images has many outlets you can visit to get ideas from customers and to talk about anything related to cake decorating. Watch for coupon codes you can use to purchase products on our website. Click any icon below to visit our page:

Icing Images advertises in many baking and decorating magazines. We offer coupon codes for discounts in many ads and magazines, as well as emailers.

Online Support

For our customers, we have put together detailed tutorials to assist in dealing with many of the common questions and problems you may encounter with your printer. From Initial setup to basic maintenance, to dealing with the icing sheets, we cover many common topics.

If all else fails, you can call our office and we will gladly help you resolve your issue or answer your questions.

Phone and Email Support

Icing Images, LLC is open for business Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time. All other times our answering service will be in effect.

You can call Icing Images at 540-869-5511.

Our email address is sales@icingimages.com. Email is checked on a regular basis on and off business hours.

You can write to Icing Images at 161 Prosperity Drive #106, Winchester Virginia 22602. Icing Images does not have a retail store front. Please call to set up an appointment before visiting our office.

Cake Credits (clockwise from top left):   Lena, South Africa;   Susan Forest, Royal Icings;   Mike Terry, BakeryPros.com (7 of next 9 pics);   Sweet Creations (Nurse cookies);   Jackie Coughlin (Hearts Love cake);   Teri Tarbox, SimplyCakelicious.com (3 pics);   Peggy Tucker, SchoolofCakeology.com (Lollipops);   Linda McClure, DeseretDesigns.com (Owl Cake);  


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