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About Template Designer

Template Designer is an add-on tool for $29 that allows you to easily put together templates for printing your images on your icing sheets*. You indicate the icing sheet size, any size, and provide the locations of the circles, squares, or rectangles with a few easy steps.

Templates can be created for the PC and/or the Mac. This tool will work for any brand of icing sheet!

*Please note that you do not need the Template Designer to design templates to print on our Premium Icing Sheets. iPrint already offers the templates for all of our Premium Icing Sheets. However, if you plan to design you own layouts to print on our Premium Icing Sheets, or you want to print on another brand of icing sheet, then you will need to purchase the Template Designer.

To purchase Template Designer, scoll to the bottom of this page.

Easy as 1,2,3 (4,5,6)

There are six simple steps to creating each template. You'll be an expert after creating just one template, it's that easy. You just need a ruler with millimeters... (...and perhaps magnifying glasses to read the millimeters).

Adjust your templates at any time. Give them a meaningful name. Sort them in order of most used. Copy existing templates to create new ones faster.

Who Needs Template Designer?

If you are using another brand of icing sheets besides our Premium Icing Sheets™, you will need to create the templates for your prefered brand. Just follow the six easy steps and measure the distances on the icing sheet as mentioned above.

Or, using any brand of sheets (including our Premium Icing Sheets), you can create cool collages or special sizes of prints on full solid sheets. Template Designer has a feature called Auto-Tile - you say how many pictures you want to print on the page, and it measures everything out for you. Check out the images below for ideas.

How can I start printing?

You are free to experiment with creating custom templates (without printing) to see how they will work for you. Once you are ready to print, you must purchase the Template Designer subscription, which is a $29 annual fee, and allows for the creation of unlimited templates.

The Template Designer subscription can be purchased at the bottom of this page.

To try the Template Designer, click the iPrint button found in the upper right of the page, then the Template Designer button on the iPrint toolbar as shown here:

Some of the things you can do with Template Designer

Don't limit yourself to just full size prints or circle cutouts. Get creative! Since you can control the width and height of every "section", you can create interesting collages and layouts. Mix in the shape cut-outs and you can really come up with some amazing stuff. Text can also be added to any custom template.

List of iPrint™ Template Designer Price  
Template Designer Subscription
  • One Year Activation
  • Before you purchase the Template Designer subscription, please verify that you will be using a recommended browser - (to do this, access the iPrint feature - if you don't see a message indicating recommended browsers then you are fine).
  • You must agree to and follow the procedures outlined in the iPrint browser/printer setup. You will see a prompt guiding you through the setup when you access the iPrint feature for the first time. Not following the proper setup requirements will cause your prints to be inaccurate. If you have used iPrint previously, you have probably already completed the setup.

  • Important! Upon expiration of the subscription, you will not be able to print your custom templates. All of your templates will still be stored if you decide to renew your subscription.


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