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Protecting Your Personal Information

Icing Images uses Secured Socket Layer (SSL) secure server technology to ensure that your personal information remains completely confidential during the ordering and account updating process. Your data is encrypted in a fashion that only the authorized certificate can decode.

The lock symbol found on your browser (location varies with browser) identifies that you are currently communicating with the Icing Images website under this protection. Note that this symbol will only appear while you are entering data on sensitive pages, such as entering your account information, or completing the shopping cart check-out process. Pages that are informational only (such as this page), do not require encryption and therefore will not display the lock.

While displaying an encrypted page (such as the Sign-In page), you can double click on the lock symbol and information about the validity of the certificate will be displayed. Doing so will identify Icing Images, LLC to be the legal owner of the certificate for this site.

Encrypting the data prevents hackers who are watching the data streams travelling over the internet from picking off the transmitted information and using it for their purposes, such as unauthorized use of a credit card number.

Additional measures are also taken to ensure your security such as unique page identifiers and encrypted personal data stored in the server database.

Password Protection

Of course the simplest form of protection is your password. By selecting a password that is at least 6 characters long (required) and is not easy for somebody who knows your e-mail address to guess what it is, you can protect yourself from someone gaining unauthorized access to your account information. Using a mix of upper and lower case letters, and numbers, is the best approach when selecting a password. Avoid using relatives names or birthdates - too easy to guess. For example, "debbie" is a bad password choice, but "Deb246" incorporates the suggestions and will be much harder to guess.

You must enter your password to sign-in and begin selecting items to add to the shopping cart. In addition, you will be promted to re-enter your password just before gaining access to your account information to make changes, or when you are submitting your order. These additional steps, while sometimes inconvenient, are there for your protection.

Should you forget your password, enter your e-mail address and click the Forgot Password? button on the Sign-In screen. Your password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you have provided. Or, you may call Icing Images if you do not have an e-mail account and we will reset your password for you. Do NOT create another account.

Finally, if at any time you suspect that someone knows your password, or if you just want to exercise good security practice, select the Change E-mail/Password option found under the Edit Account menu and change your password (you must already be signed in to do this).

Call Us With Your Credit Card Information

Ultimately it should be your decision on how safe you feel about giving your credit card information over the internet. Icing Images will gladly take your card number by phone and keep track of it in-house, and you may simply indicate "ON FILE" under your credit card payment information.


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