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Create edible pictures on cakes with edible ink printers and electronic cutters. Innovative cake decorating using Icing Sheets, Wafer Paper and Fabric Sheets.

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Edible Image Printer and Cake Decorated with Edible Picture

Innovating with Edible Technology

Do more than just pictures on a cake

Enhance your cake decorating skills,
earn more money while you save money,
and be faster and more efficient.

Your success starts with the
highest quality products and service

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Icing Images® Is the Market Leader in Edible Technology Innovation

What, you may ask, is so innovative about using a printer? The innovative part begins when a printer, or any device, is used for something other than its original intended purpose.

Filling ink cartridges with edible inks (a specially formulated food coloring) and printing on paper you can eat, known as icing sheets, turns the printer into a new tool for bakers and cake decorators.

This application is pretty old though as many bakeries have been printing cake pictures for years. Back in the day those bakeries paid thousands of dollars for a poor quality printer.

print your images with our free iprint template printing program
Icing Images provides customers with a free
template printing feature called iPrint™

Over 20 years ago, Icing Images was one of the first companies to start selling affordable desktop edible printer systems.

This made it possible for bakeries and decorators to afford this technology, and the prints were much better quality!

While most edible printing systems these days sell for $300-$800, Icing Images was the first company to sell the most affordable Edible Printer System.

cut edible icing sheets and fondant using electronic cutters

Edible Cutting with the Cricut Explore Air 2

But Icing Images did not stop at printers. Normally used by craft hobbyist, Electronic Cutters can also be used by cake artists. Electronic cutting introduced speed, repetition, and accuracy to the decorator's projects. When time is tight, and you have to cut out 60 perfect fondant stars with no cookie cutter, electronic cutting is the answer.

Icing Images' goal is to help cake decorators save money, earn more money, and be more efficient. We do this by providing our customers with reliable tools and supplies to further expand their creatvity as sugar artists!

Icing Images is also the first company to sell a 3-D Printing System for cake decorators. Although it is not used to directly create edible treats, it allows the decorator to create customized tools, like special shapes to be used as cookie cutters, cake toppers, etc.

Award Winning Customer Service

icing images owner Debbie Coughlin receives customer service award

Icing Images (founder Debbie Coughlin) is a recipient of the Sweet Life Hall of Fame Award, which recognizes and honors those who have given exceptional service in contributing to the cake decorating world.

The customer service Icing Images provides is as important as your decision to purchase our products. If you are considering products from Icing Images feel free to contact us for recommendations about what will work best for you.

Our entire staff is hands-on with all of our products and there is no problem that we cannot help you through.

What Our Customers Say

Rhiannon Chandler Dillon, Sweet Rhi Charleston, South Carolina

I am so THANKFUL to the crew at Icing Images! I had bought a printer and hadn't really had time to figure out how to use it properly. I called them up several times over the past week and they were soooo helpful in going over step by step instructions on how to clean the printhead, unclogging the ink, refilling my ink cartridges, setting printing preferences, and printing my image. I just printed 100 3" circles and they look AMAZING! Thank you all for your time, and willingness to talk me through the steps! (It was nice to talk to a person!).THANK YOU!

Shelley Stannard, Flavor Cupcakery & Bake Shop Bel Air Maryland

I use Icing Images's icing sheets and edible inks for my bakery and I have to say it's been the best discovery we've made in a long time! The ability to print crisp, saturated, high-quality images in-house has made our lives so much easier and our customers so much happier! The sheets have held up really well when stored properly and the ink has gone way further than we ever could've hoped. Definitely worth the investment! Everything always ships fast and arrives on time, and the prices are unbeatable. We will definitely continue using Icing Images for a long time.

Teresa Dames Crawford, Teresa's Design Company Greensboro, North Carolina

I've said this for years, but it has never changed....... Debbie and Company give the BEST customer service of any company that I purchase from!! I am a long time customer and it has always been this way!! I ordered yesterday around 2pm. My ordered was delivered this morning at 10!! Less than 24 hours!! Go Icing Images!! You already knew this but I'll say it again...you have a customer for life!!

Jenny Perello, Cake Cathedral Grover Beach, California

Outstanding customer service! I needed help with a product I purchased a few years ago which is no longer in stock, but the lovely lady who responded to my question went above and beyond with her response and guidance in how to deal with the issue. I would absolutely recommend Icing Images to anyone who needs great products and wonderful service. Thanks so much !!!!

Antoinette Perry Lynch Galveston, Texas

I just wanted to let y'all know that, on SEVERAL OCCASIONS, I have called your support line with varied questions. I don't know who's in charge of customer service over there, but I sure wish every company had them. I've spoken to different women when I've called ... EVERY SINGLE ISSUE I have ever had was lack of knowledge on my part and never was I made to feel condescended to or rushed off the phone. I don't know if there's a company that sells your product for any less, but I won't look, because there's no way their customer service could ever equal yours.

Candi Keene, Keene Cakes & Confections Palm City, Florida

Excellent sugar paper quality! Always packed so well and arrives when it's supposed to. My favorite thing is that I never have trouble peeling it from its plastic backing.

Sakina Feroz-Kamdar, It's All In The Cake Sugar Land, Texas

Amazing Customer Service!! I had some trouble with my ink and printer. They walked me through each step and made sure that everything was running smoothly! Absolutely going to be a customer for life!

Layla Lorena Villanueva Bautista Ottawa, Ontario Canada

I love Icing Images for my cakes and even lovelier with the included Free Edible printing Program. Not only great products it actually helped me to print my images easier! Thank you Icing Images!

Phyllis Costales Palomino Los Angeles, California

Icing Images is the ONLY company I purchase my edible imaging supplies from since I met them years ago at an ICES convention. From wafer paper to stencils -- they are the BEST.

Kiran Naz Khaliq Manhattan, New York

The most sweetest people to do business with. Cassie was such a sweetheart, she went above and beyond to help me get the perfect image. She did everything possible to make sure I get I want. If you ever need anything edible printed definitely try them you won't be disappointed. I'm happy I found my go to spot for all my printing needs!

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Icing Images

From top, left to right:

Maurice Shelton "Chef Blāque"
Roshell Ingraham
Kristi Caccippio
Renee Williams
Shani Christenson
Kara Shall
Nicole Bulkle
Cinthia Michel
Pepsy Garcia
Irenea Aristigueta
Ernest B. Strickland
Linda Caro

The "A" Team - Icing Images Ambassadors

Strawberries covered with iDesigns printed Flexfrost Fabric Sheets

Icing Images partners with talented, innovative chefs and cake decorators who demonstrate getting the most out of our products using edible technology.

Our Icing Images Ambassadors have created video turorials for you - check them out and visit their social media sites for great ideas!

Icing Images Ambassador Roshell Ingraham created these strawberries covered with printed FlexFrost® Edible Fabric Sheets using iDesigns ™ pattern # 220.

icing images ambassador blaque shelton demostrates edible printing for cupcakes
icing images ambassador blaque shelton demostrates edible printing for cupcakes
icing images ambassador blaque shelton demostrates edible printing for cupcakes

Icing Images' Ambassador Blāque Shelton saves the day!

See You at the Next Show!

Catch Icing Images at any of the major Cake Decorating Shows. We like to attend as many as we can!

Icing Images attends cake shows across the country

Professional cake decorators on hand to demonstrate include Josh Simpson, Karen Vasquez, Michelle Galpern, and Mike Terry.

common icing images questions: the how, where, and what of edible printing

address & contact

How can I order an edible picture for my cake?

Icing Images sells edible printer systems for cake decorators or home hobbyist to print edible pictures.

If you do not want to pay for a printer system or will not use it enough, you can simply order an edible image from us and we will send it to you in the mail!

Where can i buy an affordable edible printer for cake decorating?

You can choose from a wide variety of quality edible ink printer systems from Icing Images®, the originator of the most affordable Edible Printer System.

Depending on your needs, you can buy small icing sheets, circle template sheets in many sizes, and large full-sheet sizes. Icing Images also sells edible ink cartridges and refill bottles.

What is the best edible printer to buy?

There are many companies that sell edible printers. They all have the same basic contents: a printer, a pack of edible icing sheets, and edible ink cartridges.

Buying the cheapest does not mean buying good quality. What separates these numerous companies are things like company longevity, customer service, reputation, social validation, and above all, the quality of the products.

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icing images payment methods

All new international customers require cash, Western Union, or wire payment until verified. For questions or inquiries please contact us by email: sales@icingimages.com or phone: 540-323-7990.

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