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3-D Printing

3-D Printing Instructions


Watch this 3D Printing Basics setup video created by Silhouette America:

We also advise that when the video prompts you to download the Silhouette 3D software, you should also download Silhouette Studio Software. You will need this program when creating 3D designs out of 2D images.

Icing Images offers a few tips as well to make your printing experience more successful.

  1. There are many different manufacturers of 3D filament. Not all 3D filament is high quality and not all filament is food safe. Icing Images sources a high quality filament that is food safe and keeps it at a reasonable price for your convenience.
  2. When you are finished printing, we strongly recommend to avoid clogs by unloading your filament prior to storage.
  3. If you like to create cookie cutters, check out There you can very easily create cookie cutters that can be uploaded directly in to the Silhouette 3D software. There are free cookie cutters as well.
  4. Because the spatula sometimes needs a bit of assistance in removing the 3D model, Icing Images includes a pick tool!
  5. The 3D printer is not just for cookie cutters! You can make models to create molds, cupcake picks, cake toppers and more.
  6. 3D Printing is something that can be trial and error at first. This is why we Icing Images ads nearly 1247 extra feet of filament to their 3D printer bundles! Have fun and explore, create, and invent!
  7. To keep moisture from the filament, please store the filament in an air tight container with the silica that is enclosed.

Below are some other useful videos, however, most of the content is cutting in the 3DPrinting Basics video. These can be used for quick references in the future.

Silhouette Alta™ Platform and Tape
Calibrating your Silhouette Alta™
Silhouette 3D: How To Use 2D Content From Your Library
3D Print Settings
Loading filament for your Silhouette Alta™
Advanced video:
How to design a cookie cutter in Silhouette Studio and use it in Silhouette 3d for the Alta™

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