Order an Edible Photo Picture for your cake from Icing Images

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Order an Edible Picture or iDesigns™ Pattern Print

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Please use any of these browsers (latest version recommended):

  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher
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  • Safari (for Mac users)
  • Google Chrome
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After switching to a recommended browser, please revisit this page to continue.

Upload your photos...
Select a design...
We'll send you an edible print that you can apply to your cake, cookies, or other edible treats.

   Create an Edible Print with Your Images
Using our iPrint™ feature, you can create your edible print the way you want it:
  • Select any area of your picture
  • Print different pictures on same multi-circle sheet
  • Use cut-out shapes
  • Add a frame
  • Add text
  • Rotate and position
  • Portrait or Landscape
   Decorate Your Dessert with a Colorful Edible Pattern
Select a seamless (repeatable) pattern from dozens of categories using our iDesigns™ feature:

  • Over 1,600 seamless patterns
  • Select pattern height
  • Add cut lines
  • Rotate the pattern 90°
  • Apply patterns as sheets, strips, or die cuts using Sweet Accents
   Sheet Sizes and Prices
These four Icing Sheet sizes are recommended for applying an edible image to a cake. 2.5" diameter Icing Sheet circles are recommended for cookies and cupcakes. Wafer Paper is durable and useful for creating edible dimensional art. Use our Paper Potion to add flexibility to the wafer paper. Transfer Sheets are used to transfer ink images or designs to isomalt. Also works with meringue, chocolate, DECOgel, gelatin.

Small Sheet
8.5 x 10.75" print area

Legal Sheet
8 x 13.5" print area

Pearl Luster Sheet
8 x 10.75" print area

8" Circle Sheet
(unavailable for pattern prints)

12 2.5" Circles Sheet
(unavailable for pattern prints)

Wafer Paper
8.27 x 11.69" print area

Simi Transfer Sheet
8.25 x 11.7" print area


Important to Know Before Ordering

  • Icing Images can only process Lower 48 States orders for edible pictures.
  • Icing Images does not make or distribute cakes. You or your local bakery can easily apply the image to your cake (see instructions).
  • Icing Images will not print inappropriate content or copyright images.

Image Copyright and Trademark Infringements

Icing Images is not permitted by law to print any image that is or may be copyrighted or trademarked without permission from the owner of the copyright or trademark. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures of celebrities, cartoons, professional photographer pictures etc. Keep in mind company logos may also be licensed so it is still required that a letter of permission be submitted via email with any licensed requests. In the majority of the cases, license holders will grant permission if they know it is for a one time use and the product will be consumed.

If you would like to print a licensed picture then it is your responsibility to obtain the letter of permission granting Icing Images to create an image. The approval letter must be emailed to Icing Images prior to the printing of the image. This may delay the shipment of your order. Icing Images is not responsible for any delay of your order in the event that we do not have your letter in time to print your order by its due date.

Please understand that this policy not only protects Icing Images but is in place to protect our customers as well. If you sell the image or request the image to be created you can be in violation of the license as well and may face heavy fines or worse. Thank you for your understanding.

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