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Printhead Cleaners

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Printhead Cleaning Kit   NEW
Cleanses the printhead, removes internal ink build up.
Kit contains:
  • Syringe
  • Tubing with adapter
  • Tweezers
  • Soaking Jar
  • 4 ounce bottle of non-toxic cleaner
  • 2 gloves
  • Instructions

MSRP $19.99

How many: 
Non-Toxic Printhead Cleaner 2 oz
2 oz. bottle

MSRP $9.99

How many: 
Non-Toxic Printhead Cleaner 4 oz
4 oz. bottle

MSRP $19.00

How many: 
Steam Cleaner
Comes with 2 oz. bottle of printhead cleaner

Steamer model may vary

MSRP $58.00

How many: 
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