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Icing Images Big Blue Food Printer

Big Blue Food Printer

Icing Images is excited to offer a Food Printer with the level of quality and benefits that Icing Images demands. Using over 22 years of edible printing knowledge, Icing Images is proud to present Big Blue!

Big Blue is for everyone in the sweets world who needs that "extra employee" to handle volume printing jobs with ease. It's huge print bed of 11.8" x 19.6" will make simple jobs even easier, but also allow you to take on those large orders for commercial accounts.

Offering 4 color printing (including black) and a continuous ink dispenser there are no costly cartridges to purchase. Only replace the color you run out of rather than an entire cartridge holding several colors. Print different size and shaped cookies together in same print job. If your cookies or cakes are not perfectly flat, it's OK! The Big Blue can allow for up to a 5mm variation between cookie/cake heights and still have a clean sharp image! Big Blue is fast too. Print 1 cookie in approximately 20 seconds or fill up the entire print bed, it will print it all in approximately 7 minutes (time could vary based on quality of print chosen).

The cost for printing is less than ONE PENNY per 3" cookies! It is recommended to fill each of the four tanks with approximately 10 ounces ($38/color) of Icing Images Edible Ink. One 10-ounce tank will print approximately 10000 1.5" macaroons. Considering there are four colors mixing, the entire 4 colors will print way more than 10000 macaroons for $38 per 10-ounce bottle.

Big Blue is not a little guy! That is why it can print so much at once. This printer comes easy to use software and Big Blue Coach who will have a one on one set up to help you get started.

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  • Latest Technology in Edible Printers.
  • Flatbed printer allows for different sizes, shapes and heights of treats.
  • Handles large volumes of treats to be printed at one time.
  • Continuous Tank Printing.
  • No Cartridges, replace only the color that is empty.
  • Prints with four colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow for truer vibrant image printing.
  • Automatically cleans itself every 30 minutes.
  • Print speed is 8-16 passes
  • DPI 1440x720dpi together with 4 color printing achieving clear brilliant images.
  • Two direction Printing.
  • Max Printing Height is 7.8" allowing for direct printing on drinks!
  • Intelligent self-protect system.
  • Automatic and manual printhead cleaning.
  • Automated height adjustment.
  • Windows only, not Mac compatible.
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • 1 Big Blue Printer
  • 10 Ounces Bottle of Each Color
  • Big Blue Coach for one-on-one setup
  • All necessary cables
  • Printer Drivers
  • Software
  • Tools/supplies for setup and cleaning
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How can I order an edible picture for my cake?

Icing Images sells edible printer systems for cake decorators or home hobbyist to print edible pictures.

If you do not want to pay for a printer system or will not use it enough, you can simply order an edible image from us and we will send it to you in the mail!

Where can i buy an affordable edible printer for cake decorating?

You can choose from a wide variety of quality edible ink printer systems from Icing Images®, the originator of the most affordable Edible Printer System.

Depending on your needs, you can buy small icing sheets, circle template sheets in many sizes, and large full-sheet sizes. Icing Images also sells edible ink cartridges and refill bottles.

What is the best edible printer to buy?

There are many companies that sell edible printers. They all have the same basic contents: a printer, a pack of edible icing sheets, and edible ink cartridges.

Buying the cheapest does not mean buying good quality. What separates these numerous companies are things like company longevity, customer service, reputation, social validation, and above all, the quality of the products.

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