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   About Edible Inks

Edible Inks are a specially formulated food coloring mixture for printing onto icing sheets. The colors are matched with regular inks, then modified to hold their coloring better on the icing sheets. The correct amount of alcohol is added to allow for quicker drying time, which helps to prevent color changes and ensures food safe quality.

Icing Images Edible Inks contained within our cartridges, whether or not they contain a sponge, have been certified by an independent FDA Registered Facility as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), meaning our inks contain no harmful ingredients of any kind. GRAS is an FDA term that ensures that all food ingredients/additives are safe.

Our refill bottles allow you to easily refill the inks in each cartridge without having to buy new cartridges each time. While each bottle offers 6 refills, we only recommend 3 refills per cartridge. Please note that the new 280/281 Platinum Cartridge series are not refillable at this time.

We also offer a steamer and a special non-toxic cleaner to prolong the life of your printhead, ensuring good ink flow.

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Icing Images edible inks are specially formulated to work with our cartridges. We do not recommend mixing different manufacturers' inks and cartridges as this can create cartridge recognition and/or color issues. If switching from another ink brand, we recommend starting with a full set of cartridges and cleaning the printhead before installing Icing Images edible ink.

For your customer's safety, never swap out edible ink and standard ink cartridges on the same printer, as residue from the standard inks will contaminate the edible inks.

All Icing Images brand inks are Kosher Pareve

List of printers compatible with our edible inks
The following Canon Printer models are compatible with our current line of Edible Inks:
Canon Spectra Stand-Alones:
MG6820, MG6821, MG6822, MG5720, MG5721, MG5722, TS5020, TS6020
Canon Genesis Printers/Stand-Alones:
IP7220, IX6820, MG5420, MG5422, MG5520, MG5522, MG5620, MG6420, MG6620, MX722, MX922
Canon Platinum Printers:
TS6120, TS6220, TR7520, TR8520

Icing Images is not responsible for incorrect ink purchases, so select your inks carefully!

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