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   The History Of Icing Images® As Told By Icing Images®

It all began in 1999...

...but the website was not created until 2000. What's a website? Back then it was all about printing edible pictures for our local grocery store. The store manager suggested we create a website instead of putting flyers on cars and store counters. So off we went to learn how to use Frontpage. Anyone remember that?

Within a year, we decided that selling Edible Printing Systems for hundreds of dollars would surely sell given the pros were paying thousands for printing machines with poor quality. So, the business was born. Just look at this read-only no-functionality website. Call in your orders! What's a shopping cart? Oh, and we do take credit cards, because we're up on the game...

Good news - we found a vintage BJC-5100 printer, all ready for printing! As you can see on the box, this printer has Blazing Print Speed - the flames prove it. Notice on our website picture above that this was the very first printer we started to sell to our valued customers. Most of our customers who bought this printer are no doubt still using this printer even today!

Ok, time to get serious...

Taking phone calls for 5 years has been great, but a shopping cart will definitely make things easier now for our customers (and us). So with our new on-line ordering capability comes a fancy new website - look at all that washed out blue - someone likes gradients.

The owner insists that we keep the icing at the top, so it stays (for now). I think it's an emotional thing, because she knew the baker who created that icing on an actual cake before we took a picture of it. Do you think the image of the cake is big enough? We're trying to make a point here.

Icing Images proudly presents....

The time has come - it's now 2008. We are not just about edible inks and icing sheets you know. We do offer other things. Our first new "offering" comes in the form of SugarVeil®. It was exciting to offer a product that you can apply our printed icing sheets onto, in addition to its numerous uses by itself. And, we also know some people in the magazine business, so what could be better than to start selling the Cake Central magazine, which featured outstanding ads created by Icing Images. Those are really beautiful magazines.

What, more products?

I thought we were all about edible printing - and SugarVeil® (don't forget them). Well, here comes electronic cutting, colored icing sheets, colored sprays, etc. Ok, I'm sure the color television was a big hit after decades of black and white viewing. So we are going to start selling all this other stuff that works well with our staple products - the icing sheets. It's more work, but we can live with that.

This was also the year (2011 now, by the way) that our exciting new feature (to us at least) iPrint™ was created (cheers in the background). Look at the lame iPrint logo in the image below (on the left menu). You have to start somewhere. Oh, yeah, we also did a TV show! - Oh, that means we have to put videos on the website now. Great, more work.

Can we get rid of that icing now?

Hey, we are a serious company now. It's time to get rid of that washed out blue, and very stale icing at the top. So, let's darken things up to make our business look more mysterious. People like mystery. Well, this website lasted a year before we got tired of all the textures and patterns. We were really trying to break away from that flat and dull look by going too far in the opposite direction. Look, website design is not easy.

But we did introduce more exciting products - including Sweet Accents™, the revolutionary food-safe die cutter and embosser that works with our icing sheets (of course). Please don't consume alcohol if you plan to navigate this website.

Another experimental version...

Quiz: look at these last two sites (above and below). Spot the differences and win a prize. This version, while colorful and full of pictures, still was not very useful (well, you COULD order products if you could find them, so there was some use). "When are they going to get rid of that animated banner? I start staring at it and forget what I was doing..."

Thanks for taking the tour down memory lane with us!

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