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iDesigns™ Catalog Download

Download our iDesigns™ Pattern Catalog for easy browsing and selecting of the available patterns. Each pattern is numbered and listed in numerical order.

The catalog is 46 pages, and available in high-resolution (79 mb filesize) or low-resolution (17 mb filesize), depending on how long you want to wait for the download. Selecting the low-resolution download does not mean you will be printing low resolution patterns, patterns are always printed at high resolution (much higher than shown even in the high resolution catalog).

Shown below is an example of the difference in quality between the low and high resolution catalog. While the pattern images of the low-resolution catalog are fuzzier, the colors are still well represented.

Click on an image below to download the catalog in the resolution shown. If you do not have a .PDF reader, you can easily download one from Adobe's Website.

Low Resolution (17 mb)

High Resolution (79 mb)

How to select your pattern

When you find a pattern that you like in the catalog, you can easily find it in the iDesigns™ printing feature like this:

Once the pattern is applied to the preview sheet on the left side, click the heart icon below the sheet preview to add this pattern to your favorites list. Then you can find this pattern anytime by selecting "My Favorites" from the "Select a Pattern Category" dropdown box.

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