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About iPrint™


To use iPrint, click (upper right corner), then select iPrint.

Start Printing Now with iPrint™

iPrint™ is our free on-line image printing feature that prints your pictures on your icing sheets. There is no software to download or install. It runs right from our website for PC and Mac, which means you can print from any computer anywhere you need to print on your icing sheets. (Please see the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page for conditions.)

What are some of the features of iPrint?

  • Upload up to 5 images to print on multi-circle icing sheets.
  • Print the entire image, or zoom in on a specific region.
  • Select different areas to print from the same image.
  • Select from over 40 outline shapes for your images, great for cupcakes and cookies.
  • Add a decorative picture frame.
  • Add text, select from 30 fonts in any color.
  • Rotate and position your image to fine-tune.

More Fun Things You Can Do

  • Create black and white sketches from your images.
  • Gray out your images or apply the "old" filter, which also scratches up your image.
  • Use Tints to color your images, or to print solid color sheets.
  • Create your own image sizes using our Template Designer.

What can i Print on?

iPrint™ is a free tool (see disclaimer at bottom of this page) for printing on any of our Premium Icing Sheets™.

For $39, we also offer an add-on tool called the Template Designer, which allows you to design your own icing sheet templates. By designing your own templates, you can print on other brands of icing sheets. The purchase of Template Designer also qualifies you to print your templates with iPrint, even if you did not purchase any of our icing sheets.

With the Template Designer, you can create specific layouts for custom sized printing, or get creative with interesting layouts and collages using any brand of icing sheet. Click the Template Designer tab for details.

Uploading your photos

You can upload your photos from your harddrive, flashdrive, or camera storage drive. In addition, you can send photos from anywhere to iPrint™ via smartphone, internet device, or any email service.


iPrint™ is a free service offered by Icing Images to assist you in printing your icing sheets, provided you have purchased at least one pack of icing sheets from us within the last two years, or if you entered a registration code provided by an Icing Images distributor when creating your account. iPrint works on all major browsers depending on your operating system. For details see the iPrint app screen when not signed in.

Browsers run on a PC offer borderless printing (image prints edge to edge). There are a few setup steps required to activate borderless printing on the PC and they are explained in the iPrint Setup. Browsers run on a Mac do not offer borderless printing (even though the option for a borderless sheet size may appear, it is ignored by the Mac). The result is the Mac will put an undesired white border around your printed sheets, which may interfere with your intended print. When you use iPrint for the first time, it is clearly indicated that you must first complete the iPrint setup, which also includes proper printing procedures.

Icing Images holds no responsibility for incorrectly printed icing sheets that resulted from improper setup or not following the instructions or prompts presented with instructions when printing. In the rare case that the icing sheets themselves are defective (applies only to Premium Icing Sheets purchased from us), resulting in misaligned prints, please send photos of the misaligned prints to us along with the lot number on the icing sheet box. Sheets deemed to be defective will be replaced.

It is possible that an operating system change or upgrade may affect the proper functioning of iPrint. If such an issue occurs, please contact us to report the problem. We may suggest that you try a different browser in the meantime while the issue is being investigated.

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