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Disclaimer for use of Icing Images Printing Features and Subscriptions

All customers that use iPrint, iDesigns, Template Designer, and any other related subscriptions must agree to the following terms before the purchase or use of any of these tools or subscriptions:

For qualifying customers* iPrint is provided as a free tool to help you print your images on our icing sheets. You may instead choose other printing software packages available on the market instead of using iPrint.

Icing Images offers its customers an "iDesigns subscription" to gain access to thousands of colorful patterns for which Icing Images pays a license fee, a "Template Designer subscription" which allows you to design your own print layouts, and an "Unlimited Sheet Storage subscription" allowing you to store more than 10 saved ready-to-print sheets.

The purchase of one or more subscriptions is for the use of the tool or feature only, and does not guarantee the lifelong safe keeping of your images, designed templates, or stored sheets. Icing Images recommends that you always store your important images locally as backups and keep track of your designed template measurements should they need to be recreated. Never rely on the Icing Images website as your sole point of storage for important images.

While Icing Images does everything possible to keep your images and template data safe, it is not impossible that data or images can get corrupted or lost if there is an unexpected server storage issue. Icing Images will perform sheet and template data backups weekly to minimize potential loss.

Icing Images offers these tools as a convenience to its customers and shall not be held responsible for the loss or corruption of stored images, lost template data, lost stored sheet data, or lost time or income or any other loss financial or otherwise by customers relying on these services.

In addition, should the website server be experiencing technical issues causing the website to become temporarily unavailable, Icing Images shall not be held responsible for lost time or income or any other loss financial or otherwise by customers relying on these template and printing services.

*A qualifying customer is one that has purchased either a product containing icing sheets, the template designer subscription, or the iDesigns subscription, within the last two years.

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