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Warranty Coverage


During the first year after purchasing an Imaging System (for U.S. orders in the lower 48 States only), if there is a warranty related problem, please contact Icing Images at 1-540-323-7990 first, as most problems can be remedied by phone consultation. Do NOT call Canon for troubleshooting related problems, as Icing Images will consult with Canon if warranty service may be required. You will be notified of the location of the nearest service center, or if the printer is found to be defective upon receiving it, another one will be shipped to you at no charge. (See the section Returning Defective Products above for details.) After the warranty period for your printer or scanner has expired, you are responsible for any repairs. Please contact Icing Images first to see if the problem can be resolved over the phone.

Icing Images does not service printers at its location. If you require assistance, please call 1-540-323-7990, as most problems can be resolved by phone.

Icing Images only warranties (including servicing and replacement during the warranty period) printers that are sold in the lower 48 States. Printers sold to customers outside of the lower 48 States cannot be serviced or replaced after normal use. Icing Images will gladly assist in troubleshooting by telephone or e-mail. If the printer is damaged during shipping, Icing Images will make a claim with the shipping company, and a new printer will be sent out.

All Icing Images products are compatible with PC and Mac computers. However, Icing Images does not provide support for Mac products as we are a PC based company.

Print Heads

Printheads are a consumable product and are therefore only warrantied for 30 days. If you encounter a printhead problem, please contact Icing Images, as most problems are usually corrected with some instruction from Icing Images staff.

Icing Sheets and Edible Inks

Icing sheets and edible inks cannot be returned, within the lower 48 States, if defective after 6 months (e.g., dried up, damaged). All products shipped outside of the lower 48 States are not covered under any warranty whether defective or not.

Icing sheets and edible inks are consumable products, and do have a shelf life of approximately one year from date of purchase under proper storage conditions (avoid extreme heat or cold, do not refridgerate, avoid extreme humidity).

Equipment or Supplies Purchased From Other Vendors

Canon Printers

Canon does not warranty their printers for edible printing. Any Canon printer purchased from Icing Images will be under warranty by us for one year, and the print head from that printer for 30 days. Any printer not purchased directly from Icing Images will not be under warranty by us, including the print head.

Icing Images has an excellent customer service reputation and we will try to assist you to the best of our ability if you are using Icing Images' icing sheets and inks with a printer you purchased elsewhere. If you are having problems with your printer using our products, please see our Support section (type "support" in the search box). Once you have tried to solve the problem using our online support topics, but were unsuccessful, please contact us by phone or email for assistance. If you would like to visit our location for assistance, please call ahead to schedule an appointment, since we are not a retail location. Please do not send printers to us for service or returns without prior authorization.

Important: If you purchase a printer from another vendor for edible printing, it is very important that you NEVER use standard inks with that printer, otherwise you can contaminate the edible products.

Inks and Icing Sheets

Even if you have purchased an imaging system from Icing Images, we cannot offer support for edible inks and icing sheets that were purchased from other vendors to use with our systems. This is due to their variation in formulas and application characteristics. Icing Images always ensures that all of its supplies are priced according to the market.


Software will be exchanged if found defective. Software is not refundable.

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